Ethnic Dance Air Sculpture

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Ethnic Dance Air Sculpture
Reasons to book this ACT
  • A strong narrative that highlights the circle of life is extremely powerful and mesmerising to watch

  • Our dancer brings out her ethnic roots to create a powerful dance routine that incorporates contemporary art

  • WOW factor performances that fuse meaningful dance routines with our New York artist’s revolutionary air sculpture

  • Previous clients include, Louis Vuitton, Mercedes Benz and Samsung

  • Based in New York and available for bookings worldwide

Ethnic Dance Air Sculpture videos

Ethnic Dance Air Sculpture photos

Our astounding New York artist has collaborated with stunning dancer to create a dance sculpture that emits a powerful message that connotes the circle of life in true WOW factor style. A performance that incorporates dance with ethnic undertones is coupled with an innovative air sculpture to provide contemporary art at its finest. 

An air sculpture that displays the chaotic beauty of creation and the cycle of life through dance and contemporary art is extremely powerful and exhilarating to witness.  

Our New York artist has collaborated with a talented dancer to tell the story of the first phase of the life cycle otherwise deemed as the innocent exploration of the nascent stage. The second part of the performance sees the rhythm ignite the discovery of life creating an enigmatic performance that is coupled with white confetti and Styrofoam whirling around the dancer almost in celebration and elation.

Our dance sculpture is fascinating to watch as our dancer moves around the stage as if she is part of the sculpture, mimicking the movement of the silks and contorting her body to tell a story. 

At the end of the dance sculpture performance the silks are left blowing in mid air amidst the chaos of the confetti and Styrofoam to symbolise the life cycle never ending and continuing. A dance sculpture that has incorporated the beauty of movement through dance with an innovative air sculpture has created a piece of contemporary art that tells a story without any words being said.

To book our New York artist’s WOW factor contemporary art dance sculpture contact our Entertainment Specialists or to see more work from our artist visit our Snow Vortex, Car Reveal, Air and Sine Wave, Air Sculpture and Air Sculpture with Dancer pages. 

Louis Vuitton
Mercedes Benz
Cisco Systems
Cirque Du Soleil
Oglivy and Mather
RTL Television
And Many Mor