Energetic Female Violinist

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Energetic Female Violinist
Reasons to book this solo electric violinist in Rhodes
  • Event violinist with an extensive repertoire of classical and contemporary music from rock anthems to Hawaiian pop

  • This experienced Energetic Female Violinist teaches upcoming musicians at Hellenic Conservatory of Rhodes

  • Created three successful albums and toured her band across the world

  • Great for conferences, night clubs, fashion shows, gala dinners, weddings, concerts and festivals

  • Our female entertainer is available to hire in Greece and globally

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This Energetic Female Violinist will entertain your guests with an electric or classical violin and can perform with a DJ for a full stage spectacle. Available to hire, our female event violinist will perform her highly expressive set with lots of confidence and will transform your event.  

Our violinist in Rhodes has an extensive repertoire which ranges from rock and roll anthems such as Live And Let Die to softer more elegant adaptations of Israel Kamakawiwoʻole's Somewhere Over The Rainbow. This talented female entertainer also writes and performs her own energetic music that she has previously toured around the world.

Let your audience watch in awe as our talented female violinist plays the violin without a bow. This event violinist will get your event attendees on their feet as she swaps her bow for her fingers to perform an incredibly rare solo by plucking the strings on the violin with her fingers to a rocking backing track. 

Our solo violinist has performed in Greece and events all over the world. She holds a degree from the Hellenic Conservatory in Athens which is highly recognised worldwide as an educational institution for Greek Music. In the past, this solo electric violinist collaborated with the Symphony Orchestra of Athens and the National Symphony Orchestra of ERT. Her experience doesn't stop there, our female entertainer teaches other solo electric violinists at the Hellenic Conservatory of Rhodes and spends her summers travelling the world performing her music in front of many audiences. 

You can hire our energetic female violinist for events both in Greece and Globally. 

Our event violinist in Rhodes is an excellent live music entertainment option for television productions, conferences, fashion shows, gala dinners, concerts, festivals weddings and much more. 

Scarlett Entertainment offers a wide range of female entertainers, event violinists and solo electric violinists all over the world.

If you would like to book our energetic female violinist in Rhodes or internationally, then please contact an Entertainment Specialists who will happily help you through the booking process. 

Ain't No Sunshine
Epilogue - Marios Strofalis
Feeling Good
Live And Let Die
Over The Rainbow
Polovtsian Dances
Sinnefa - by Nomisma
Tema di Guilia
You Make Me Feel