Enchanted Light Shows

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Enchanted Light Shows
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Children's Entertainment with Glow, UV and LED shows

  • Perfect for 'Enchanted' or 'Magical' themed events

  • Unique and innovative family entertainment with beautiful costumes

  • Previous performances across Russia and the Middle East

  • Available to perform worldwide

Enchanted Light Shows videos

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This popular team of performers can provide Children's Glow, UV and LED shows with the following themes:

A magical story about Dolls who come alive at night time.  Fantastic electric costumes, stunning props and a big funny rabbit!

Dragon & Fairy:
This is a beautiful stage dance show that will take you into a world full of magical fairies and an enchanting dragon.  The show features unique costumes and fantastic props, as well as a unique LED doll'Dragon' who dances and works with props.

Shows range from 5-15 minutes and can feature 4 performers.