Emotive Opera Theatre Show

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Emotive Opera Theatre Show
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Incredible opera singers will delight and amuse audiences with their unique cabaret act

  • A comical musical production with an original and captivating storyline

  • Professional vocalists perform both modern and classical pieces in dynamic style

  • Ideal for gala dinners, themed occasions, festivals, cabarets, corporate functions, etc.

  • Stage show available to hire for events across Italy and worldwide.

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A fantastic fusion between an operatic stage show and a cabaret act, this one of a kind musical production is guaranteed to prove popular with audiences at your event as the talented cast of professional vocalists provide unique entertainment for all to enjoy. Thoroughly captivating and utterly enchanting, this dynamic performance is a fascinating combination of modern and classical, and comedy and melodrama, with our gifted opera singers delivering an exceptional show.

Already a firm favourite with both private and corporate events, this exciting cabaret act brings together a range of musical styles in order to offer something for everyone, reinterpreting traditional opera in contemporary terms and using modern production techniques to effectively create something extraordinary. Professional vocalists with a wealth of experience, our opera singers perform some of the most famous arias with clever and at times ironic new interpretations, delivering a stage show that is both comical and moving.

Able to adapt their performance to suit your occasion, our classical singers can offer a range of musical productions to meet your needs. Their main piece derives its plot from a selection of beloved compositions and songs from the Italian tradition, telling the story of the Spirit of Music and her quest to rid the classical musical arts of contamination from popular and contemporary elements. Featuring performances from a baritone, tenor, and soprano, this interesting tale features a story within the story as well as a brilliant mixture of instrumental and vocal styles. The group can also supply an engaging opera theatre show that retells famous fairytales, including classics such as ‘Snow White’, ‘Cinderella’, and ‘Pinocchio’.

Imaginative and creative with a high production value, this brilliant stage show is sure to impress. Ideal for festivals, themed events, gala dinners, theatres, cabarets, corporate events and more, our opera singers are available to book for events throughout Italy.

Just one of the many themed shows that we can offer, at Scarlett Entertainment we specialise in providing exceptional entertainment to both private and corporate events around the world. For more information on what we can offer you for your special occasion, contact our entertainment co-ordinators today and let us help you turn your event into something extraordinary.