Emcee Sonia

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Emcee Sonia
Reasons to book this ACT
  • A highly sought after speaker on the Hong Kong speaking circuit

  • Confident and engaging speaker who leaves the audeince moved and inspired

  • Worked internationally in countries such as India and China

  • Previous clients include Merrill Lynch, Daiwa, HSBC, ING, FedEx

  • Several television/radio appearances and been featured in national press

Emcee Sonia is the only accredited Image Consultant in Asia who is also a qualified, practicing Hypnotherapist and Hypnotherapy Trainer (International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association).  In the image field Sonia is accredited by the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI - the world’s largest organization for Image Consultants), and has worked with three of the world’s top Image Masters Lynne Marks, Christina Ong and Carla Mathis.

Previously Sonia has worked as a Senior Mentor for world-leading success coach Anthony Robbins, giving personal motivation sessions to hundreds of people as part of his workshops. She also holds a BA in Communications from Cardiff University, where she specialized in Non-Verbal Communication. Till date Sonia has trained over five thousand people worldwide from many different walks of life

As an Image Consultant and Hypnotherapist, Sonia works with your Appearance, Beliefs and Communication (ABC’s). She focuses on both the inner and outer you, offering personal & corporate coaching via private consultations, seminars and workshops. Her clients choose to work with her for various reasons; they may be individuals seeking to upgrade their personal image, shift a persistent belief, enhance a relationship, or make a complete lifestyle change. Alternatively, they may be a corporation seeking to enhance the appearance, behaviour and communication of their staff. In all cases, Sonia's approach to coaching and healing is holistic, working on both the conscious and subconscious levels. Under her guidance, clients are easily able to enhance and re-evaluate their own personal image from the inside out, creating their most ideal personal and professional image. Her clients often notice an instant boost in confidence and a transformation that is visually, emotionally and spiritually noticeable.

Sonia is a confident and engaging speaker who possesses the unique ability to really reach out to her audience, leaving them touched, moved and inspired. When she presents, she creates the momentum for her clients to take immediate action and accountability for their lives, ensuring that their aspirations become a lasting reality. These skills have made her a sought after speaker on the Hong Kong speaking circuit. She has produced outstanding results for Merrill Lynch, Baker & McKenzie, Daiwa Investments, Michael Page, HSBC, ING and FedEx to name but a few.

She has worked internationally in countries such as India and China conducting sell-out workshops on Power, Presence and Poise. She also launched an image-consulting department at The Venetian and The Four Seasons Hotels in Macau. Sonia has made several television and radio appearances and has been featured in national press, both locally and overseas.

Michael Page International
Goldman Sachs
Daiwa Investments
Baker & McKenzie
The Venetian Macao
Four Seasons Hotel
Exxon Mobil
Bank of Singapore
Merrill Lynch