Electro Light Show

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Electro Light Show
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Fantastic electro show delivers thrilling high voltage entertainment

  • Recreate an exciting mad scientist lab with this shocking and dynamic electro light show

  • Stunning Tesla show with live lightning bolts and incredible tricks and illusions using electric currents

  • pectacular light show perfect for children’s parties and vintage aesthetic works well for steampunk and themed events

  • UAE based electricity show available for events around the country

Electro Light Show videos

Electro Light Show photos

Book this fantastic electro show for a thrilling high-voltage show that’s sure to impress audiences everywhere. This incredible electro light show is perfect for dazzling guests with a range of madcap electric contraptions and magic tricks that are guaranteed to shock and entertain. This electricity show uses fantastic effects and technology to create dramatic jolts of electricity that flash and fizzle like bolts of lightning in a fantastic display.

This Tesla show recreates the energy and excitement of a mad scientist’s laboratory and our dynamic performer creates a thrilling and engaging show that’s edge of your seat entertainment for adults and children alike. This light show really does have all the visual thrills of a lightning storm on stage and this powerful and unique act is sure to spark the imagination of any audience.

Our incredible electro show uses Tesla coils and an authentic vintage aesthetic to recreate a mad science lab from days gone by. Our charismatic and quirky performer creates a fun and fast paced light show that will have any audience spellbound. This incredible electricity show will have audiences gasping with surprise as stunning bolts of blue electricity fly from the Tesla coil straight into our performer’s body and his range of electric magic and tricks will give any audience a thrilling and unique experience.

Our brilliant electro light show is perfect for entertaining children with a dazzling and dramatic show while teaching them about electric currents in a highly entertaining style. The vintage steampunk aesthetic of our Tesla show is also great for themed festivals and parties and is sure to give a high octane jolt of energy and fun to any event.

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