Electric String Cats

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Electric String Cats
Reasons to book this ACT
  • An energetic intermezzo - popular for corporate events in Europe

  • Their swinging & virtuous show contains a mix of modern & classical music

  • Also avaliable in baroque style (music, dress and wigs)

  • As seen on TV show Holland's Got Talent

  • Based in the Netherlands and available to perform at events worldwide

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Two classically trained violinists on modern electric violins bring to you a smashing and very original intermezzo. Their swinging and virtuous show contains a mix of modern and classical music. This renewing act mixes repertoire from classical music in rock beats to film tunes and hits from all over the world. Supported by a professional and specially arranged musical tape their impact is high. This act will leave your guests a memorable and lasting experience.

The violinists are also avaliable in baroque style (music, dress and wigs) and halfway changing to rock /contemporary music style and outfits. They can even perform alongside Poi Dancers which visually takes this act to another level. This extra touch has already proved itself to be a smashing success!