Electric Lightning Show

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Electric Lightning Show
Reasons to book this ACT
  • An utterly breathtaking show, this wow factor act takes control of nature by manipulating ‘real’ electric lightning

  • Watch two performers battle it out or a single ‘ghost buster’ fight the force of lightning in this amazing glow show

  • Also a hair raising interactive entertainment option, guests can also be invited to stand in a cage whilst lightning is directed at them

  • Book for your corporate after dinner show, opening ceremony, product launch or family event

  • Hire Electric Lightning Show for events in Italy and worldwide

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Are you looking to create an electric atmosphere at your event? Look no further. Without a doubt one of the most exciting acts on the Scarlett Entertainment roster, this Electric Lightning Show takes control of the force of nature by bringing wow factor electric lightning to your very own venue. Available as an after dinner show or even in the form of interactive entertainment, no guest will believe their eyes when this act begins. Using cutting edge technology, our glow show will make you question everything you had once believed about man’s relationship with nature.

Picture the scene. It is a dark, chilly night: you have arrived at the event venue with few expectations about what you are about to experience. Suddenly, there is a cracking sound from a plinth placed at the centre of the stage and the whole venue lights up. Sizzling with energy, the plinth continues to spew red hot bolts of lightening. You are frightened but also captivated. A man appears, wearing a full body suit. He holds his hands towards the plinth and you gasp because you assume he is going to be decimated by the sheer power of the lightning. However, somehow the man is able to repel the electricity and he begins to engage in an incredible battle against this insurmountable force.

A truly breathtaking glow show, this wow factor act provides captivating entertainment for all occasions. A versatile after dinner show, you can tailor the performance to suit your specific event requirements. You can book a single performer and one lightning plinth or two performers who will stand at the top of the plinths and shooting electric bolts from their helmets. A fantastic entertainment option for futuristic, superhero or ghost busters themed events, the shows can be customised to be as realistic or supernatural as your event requires.

Also available as a nail biting interactive entertainment option, guests can be invited to stand in cages and experience the intense power of lighting as it hits the cage. A totally safe and unbelievably exciting interactive act, only the bravest audience members will dare to take part!

To learn more about booking Electric Lightning Show for your gala, festival, corporate function or family event, speak to our team at Scarlett Entertainment today and we will answer any questions you may have.