Dubai Roller Skating Duo

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Dubai Roller Skating Duo
Reasons to book this ACT
  • A Dubai Roller Skating Duo that boasts high octane event entertainment that is thrilling to experience

  • Performing exciting routines on a small circle stage that adds to the drama of their stunts

  • Moving at high speeds this skating duo are guaranteed to have every guest on the edge of their seat

  • Perfect for brand launches, product reveals, corporate events, PR stunts, cruise liners and more

  • Based in Dubai and available for worldwide bookings

Dubai Roller Skating Duo videos

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Leaving every guest and audience member with their jaws on the floor this Dubai Roller Skating Duo are a guaranteed hit at every event with their fast paced, high risk routine that captivates audiences of all ages and provides a real show stopper performance. 

Watch as our performers skate around a small circular stage whilst performing daring stunts that see our female skater display gorgeous shapes whilst being swung around by her incredible partner with ease. Fantastic for corporate events, private parties, gala dinners, brand launches and any event that wants to amaze their guests with top class performers that are guaranteed to pinch your adrenaline!

With years of experience performing all over the world this exciting Dubai Roller Skating Duo provide dramatic performances that bring the energy up at every event and create an unforgettable energy amongst guests. 

Top Tip:

Our Dubai Roller Skating Duo can tailor every performance to complement your colour scheme and theme making for striking event entertainment that works extremely well for brand launches and corporate events.

Having perfected their performance this roller skating show boasts high octane event entertainment that is packed with drama, adrenaline and passion. Moving as one around their small circular table this brilliant stunt show features nail biting routines that demand incredible focus and dedication to perfect. 

Customisable costumes are also available for your event, adding a personal touch and ensuring that every detail is thought out. 

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To book our Dubai Roller Skating Duo or for more information, contact our helpful team of Entertainment Specialists today.