Dubai Mirror Dancers

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Dubai Mirror Dancers
Reasons to book this Dance Show
  • Popping and locking mirror dancers guaranteed to give your guests something to talk about

  • Versatile act for a stage-based dance show, laser show, walkabout act or human statues

  • Excellent stand alone dance show or accompaniment to a live act or DJ

  • Perfect for corporate events, private parties, themed events and product launches

  • Based in Dubai and Ibiza and available for events worldwide

Dubai Mirror Dancers videos

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Our Dubai Mirror Dancers will be dazzling your guests all night with their mirrored costumes and impressive popping and locking dance moves. These lovable characters sparkle through the night as light refracts off of them bouncing into the crowds and creating their very own light show. Their highly impressive dance moves are an absolute show stealer that will have the whole crowd in awe of their shiny dance show. 

Wearing stunning costumes that are covered head to toe in mirrors these enchanting mirror people boast the perfect dance show and walkabout entertainment that is highly interactive and guaranteed to be the talking point amongst your guests. With both male and female charcters, the mirror people are an unmissable feature for any event guaranteed to make a real impression. 

Available as a stage-based dance show, laser show, walkabout act or human statues, the versatile Dubai Mirror Dancers always capture the attention of everyone in the room and give everyone something to talk about. They are a sensational photo opportunity that all guests will be queuing up for. 

The Dubai mirror people perfect for corporate events, private parties, themed events, product launches and any event that needs that little bit of WOW factor. Book as an excellent stand-alone dance show or accompaniment to a live act or DJ. 

Available internationally, the Dubai Mirror Dancers spend the Summer in Ibiza where their reflective suits become a shining beacon under the Mediterranean sun. 

To book the eye and light catching Dubai mirror people for your event or party, contact us at Scarlett Entertainment to find out more.