Dubai Magician James

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Dubai Magician James
Reasons to book this ACT
  • An acclaimed world class close-up magician based in Dubai

  • Award winning sleight of hand, misdirection & psychological illusions

  • Won the ‘Close-Up Magician of the Year’ in the UK

  • Performed for Fortune 500 companies, Royalty and A-list celebrities

  • Previous clients inc Man Utd, Virgin, Emirates Palace, BMW, Coca Cola

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This Close-up Magician is one of the world’s top performers and was recently named: The Close-up Magician of the Year in the UK.  Performing for the past 10 years and so far astounding guests at 1240 functions and parties in 26 countries, James has made a truly international name for himself.

Based in Dubai, James’ client list includes A-list celebrities, Fortune 500 Companies and regular performances for Royalty.

The Close-up Magician specialises in making you look good by turning your event into something unforgettable and amazing with
1. Contemporary close-up magic with borrowed objects
2. Dramatic psychological mind reading
3. Audience involvement
4. Award-winning sleight of hand

This is not magic for children. This is sophisticated conjuring for sceptical audiences. His unique presentation, wit, and ability is guaranteed to impress and astound even the toughest crowds.

The Close-up Magician, can perform over 500 different effects and tailors each set to fit the mood and character of a particular audience. Below are some of the various categories that these effects fall into. 

Psychological Illusion:
Psychological illusion is a rare and exciting form of trickery which began in the 70s with Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Using this form of psychology/hypnosis, it is possible to create some very spooky and magical effects that look just like real mind reading.

Sleight of Hand and Misdirection:
During this section of the performance, he will show you why you should never play cards for money. Practicing for over 6 hours per day has given him the ability to safely replicate the skill and dexterity with a pack of cards usually only accomplished by professional card cheats. You will see a variety of feats that will fool the eyes of the most observant participant - all for entertainment purposes only!

Mind-blowing Magic:
This is classic magic with a modern twist. Incredible effects that present that same feeling of wonder and excitement as we felt when we were children. Here, he will do effects with cards, currency, rings, rubber bands and other various every-day objects. This form of entertainment is presented slowly and can be truly scrutinised as there is genuinely nothing to hide. An example of this type of effect is where a signed, borrowed note vanishes and appears inside a real, examined Kiwi fruit that was in full view the entire time.

GT1 World Championships
Horse Racing World Cup
Dubai Golf World Championships
Manchester United
Leicester United
Dubai Golf & Yatcht Club
MAC Cosmetics
Viking Line Cruises
The National Trust
Coca Cola
Stowe Preservation Trust
Kalmar - Barcelona
Grosvenor Casino
British Petrol
Sky One (UK TV)
Channel 4 (UK TV)
Daff Trucks
Jewel, London
3m Electronics
Royal Bank of Scotland
Dubai Duty Free
The Palace, Dubai
Emirates Palace
National Westminster Bank
Talk of the Town Live
Luminar Leisure

"An extremely talented magician"

Insider Magazine

"Absolutely Fantastic, I’m totally amazed!"

James Nesbit (British Actor)

"We saw David Copperfield live in Vegas, the show was great but James was out of this world...Fabulous!"

Vibhu Kapoor (Microsoft)

"James is the best magician I’ve ever seen"

Sir Bobby Charlton (Manchester United Football Club)

"James’ skill with a deck of cards is frightening!"

Robert Black (Grosvenour Casino)