Drumline Marching Band

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Drumline Marching Band
Reasons to book this Marching Band
  • An incredible show that will mesmerise audiences with its powerful sound and precision choreography

  • Show can be fully customise and tailored to meet your specific requirements

  • This outstanding marching band give a phenomenal and total live experience

  • Eye-catching military-style uniforms will add a majestic touch to your event

  • Available to book for events, shows and performances across Denmark and Europe

Drumline Marching Band videos

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If you’re looking for a high impact, memorable performance, that will really make a lasting impression on event attendees, this incredible drum show is just what you’ve been looking for. 

These experienced percussionists give a powerful performance that combines dynamic drumming with detailed choreography and technical excellence. Founded in 1997, this Drumline Marching Band from Denmark perform in the traditional American Drumline style favoured by military marching bands. Visually and audibly impactful, this drum band’s performances are perfect for public events, festivals, military celebrations, special occasions and corporate events. 

Dressing in iconic black and red military-style uniforms, this American Drumline group are a unique addition to any event. Though they can also offer less formal dress if required. Their precisely choreographed performances can be customised and tailored to suit the needs of your specific event; from the style of percussive rhythm, to the size of line-up. Line-ups can range from one or two performers right up to 15 dedicated drummers on snaredrums, quint / hex toms, bass drums, cymbals and more. Watching them perform live is a phenomenal experience. 

Whether you’re looking for a casual stomp performance or a powerful drumline show that will impress, surprise and move audiences of all ages, this professional Danish marching band can deliver. Book now for a spectacular show as a special treat for your guests.

To find out more about booking this Drumband and Marching Band for your next event, get in contact with our experienced Entertainment Coordinators. 

Kragerup Gods

"[They] has been playing on Kragerup for many years and entertained on different occasions. You never get tired of their performance. It is for all ages, colourful, festive and more than anything else professional. [They] must be experienced as they stand out from your regular performers."

Birgitte Dinesen, Landowner, Kragerup