Driving Challenge Arcade Game

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Driving Challenge Arcade Game
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Exciting immersive technology driving experience that will captivate events of all sizes.

  • Fun interactive entertainment for all ages to enjoy as guests race on various courses.

  • Interactive event gaming option to get guests mixing together and interacting with fun game.

  • Hire video projection experts ideal for trade shows, corporate events, and more.

  • Book futuristic entertainment for events across the Netherlands and worldwide.

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Book our interactive event gaming experience to bring our driving challenge arcade game to your special occasion. Guests will be captivated by our technological simulation rig that's easy to use and will provide endless hours of interactive entertainment. Our arcade games are great for corporate events, trade shows, or a future themed party, and has shown success at a multitude of events. Providing up to six simulators, our video projection rig will put guests inside a skeleton of a car that showcases our futuristic entertainment in great ways. Guests will be able to race against friends and family and will create unforgettable memories as they race towards the finish line. 

Featuring beautiful LCD displays, excellent audio sources, and a choice of over a hundred different model cars and racing circuits, guests will get lost in our games' beautiful racing world. Guests will love this form of interactive entertainment and futuristic entertainment as it puts them in the driving seat going at high speeds through various beach locales and city locations. Sleek design, force feedback steering wheel, and various shifting modes help our interactive event gaming become the highlight of your event or gathering. 

Our simulation experience is the ideal entertainment option for a future themed party, corporate event, trade show, private parties, family days, and so much more. Our state of the art video projection systems will ensure guests are enjoying their time with our simulators.

Our high speed driving arcade games are available with an extensive operator that will ensure everything is working the way that it should, and is also available to be combined alongside any of our other augmented reality gaming experiences to ensure you receive a one of a kind experience.

If you're looking to book a unique entertainment choice for your special occasion than look no further than our wonderful driving challenge arcade game. Contact our wonderful in house team members who will help you through the booking process and ensure you lock in our interactive entertainment.