Dramatic Hand Balancing Duo

Circus Entertainment,Acrobatics & Hand Balance
Dramatic Hand Balancing Duo
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Our acrobatic pair tell compelling narratives with their dramatic hand to hand performances

  • With gold body paint & Roman style costumes, our hand balance duo provide exciting visual impact

  • Demonstrating strength, flexibility & elegance, the circus duo amaze with their chemistry as well as skill

  • Previously performed with Kaos Circus, Haagen Dazs Theatre & Las Vegas Dancing Musical

  • Based in Valencia & available to perform at events worldwide

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Providing extraordinary acrobatic shows, Scarlett Entertainment Spain are proud to represent Dramatic Hand Balancing Duo. Lacquered with gold body paint and wearing ancient Roman style costumes, our performers create a spectacular visual impact at events with their unique appearances and palpable on stage chemistry.

Telling beautiful narratives with only their bodies, our gymnasts perform hand to hand balance with strength, elegance and flexibility. The professional performance artists have collaborated with many circus companies including Kaos Circus, Nadal Circus and Dola Circus, as well as performing independently at corporate functions, festivals, private parties and product launches.

The perfect addition to themed events, our golden god and goddess will add a touch of sophistication to any venue. Please don't hesitate to contact our experienced team at Scarlett Entertainment Spain today for any more information about booking Dramatic Hand Balancing Duo for your next event.

Top Tip!
Also able to customise their performances and provide bespoke choreography or costumes, enquire to learn more about the range of entertainment options offered by this spectacular circus act. 

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