Dragon & Animal Tamer Stilt Act

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Dragon & Animal Tamer Stilt Act
Reasons to book this ACT
  • A leaping dragon stilt walker that is bound to turn heads and captivate guests.

  • Imaginative stilt act providing your event with hilarious amounts of joy and laughter.

  • Interactive entertainment at its finest, featuring clumsy stilt walkers.

  • Perfect roaming characters for parties, corporate functions, themed events, etc.

  • Book walkabout entertainment across Germany.

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Treat guests to a rumbustious dragon stilt walker who is on the loose, quickly in pursuit by his master. Professional walkabout entertainment, our interactive entertainment experience features a hopping and almost flying green dragon that is playful and hilarious. A stunning stilt act that will quickly turn heads as our whimsical dragon and tamer mix and mingle throughout your event, engaging your guests with funny antics and skits that will fill your event with laughter and joy. Our marvellous roaming characters are bound to be an instant hit at your upcoming special event. 

Our fantastic dragon stilt walker leaps and prances around his tamer, attracting the attention of kids and adults alike, providing a host of entertaining meet and greet opportunities, our roaming characters come prepared with a host of prop toys and visually appealing costumes that will help immerse the interactive entertainment experience itself. A stilt act that is a fast paced spectacle and features sparkling wit and humour. Stunning walkabout entertainment and spectacular acrobatics and breath taking surprises help our stilt act take the reigns and keep your guests energised with laughter. 

A fiery walkabout act your guests will not forget, our wonderful dragon stilt walker will instil a humorous atmosphere that will keep guests carefree and joyous, an instant favourite at each and every event they have performed at, our roaming characters will help your special occasion reach new heights of awesomeness, leaving your guests with unforgettable memories. An enchanting and hilarious interactive entertainment experience that is perfect for private parties, festivals, corporate events, family days, themed events, gala dinners, street performances, and many more.

Contact any of our wonderful Scarlett Entertainment team of entertainment specialists if you are interested in bringing our hilariously clumsy dragon stilt walker to your upcoming special event, as they will assist you with your booking needs.