Donald Trump Lookalike USA

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Donald Trump Lookalike USA
Reasons to book this Donald Trump Impersonator
  • Highly respected Trump impersonator offers custom acts

  • Creates acts and speeches tailored for your event

  • Hair and make-up is all authentic - no silly hairpieces

  • Costume of black suit and iconic red tie gets act recognised in the street

  • Florida-based act available for bookings worldwide

Donald Trump Lookalike USA videos

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Book our Donald Trump lookalike for a hilarious Trump tribute. This lookalike is a Trump impersonator recognised in his native USA for his humour, the accuracy of his impressions and his skill as a satirical performer. Not only providing a lookalike service, this is a complete Donald Trump act with speeches and performance options tailored to your event.

For our Trump impersonator, no two events are the same. He doesn’t have a catalogue of pre-written speeches or performances but will discuss precisely how 'The Donald' would behave at your event and customises his performance accordingly. You will be getting a one-time-only performance that can include humour only your friends and colleagues will understand.

Recently having been made president of the USA, Trump is a figure whose character will be scrutinised for the foreseeable future. His unique personality traits are brilliantly captured by our Donald Trump act who remains apolitical in his performance. Whether you are a Trump supporter who wants a figure to get your party motivated or a satirist with a keen eye for detail, our impressionist is a talented and transformative actor able to provide exactly what your audience will love.

Beside his now-presidential status, the most famous feature of Donald Trump is his hair. Love it or hate it, it is undoubtedly a conversation point across the globe and one of the key features for any lookalike to get right. Unlike many who wear specially crafted toupés, our act spends a lot of time perfecting his own hair into the cloud-like style everyone’s talking about.

Our act has been featured on Danish television as the Trump lookalike to watch out for. Emerging in his iconic black suit and slightly-too-long red tie, the act can mix and mingle with your guests making quips or talking about himself, or he can take to the podium and deliver a speech guaranteed to have you in stitches. As a comic act, don’t expect rallying manifestos but instead humorous takes on senior company officials or the host of the party. 

Everyone likes to poke fun at the authority figures in their lives, and this is a great opportunity to do so through the voice of someone known for controversial comments. This puts everyone at ease and ensures a great night will be had by all. 

To book our Donald Trump act, contact our dedicated entertainment specialists today.