DJ & Live Band

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DJ & Live Band
Reasons to book this DJ and Band
  • Combines the best elements of the classic party band and the punchy house DJ

  • Set list includes party classics from the 70s through to recent megahits

  • Dancers available performing slick choreography tailored to the remixes

  • Performed at Dermot O’Leary’s and Harry Judd's wedding

  • Based in London and available to perform at events worldwide

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This unique DJ & live act feature live vocals on every track while the DJ segues the set together and enhances the beats through live remixing, filtering, and processing. The show can be augmented with a range of first class instrumentalists and also dancers who perform slick choreography tailored to the acts remixes.

The production setup comprises of incredibly specialised rare gear, and with the wonders of technology it’s all combined into a conveniently sized touring setup, meaning they can effortlessly hop between counties and countries as and when they’re invited.

The set list consists of party classics from the 70s right through to the more recent Beyonce and Rihanna megahits.  The house element is fun and punchy, the song changes snappy and fun, the tempos always dancy to ensure everyone is rooted to the dancefloor. If you want to book the most innovative, cutting edge original act which combines the best elements of the classic party band and the punchy house DJ, this is that act.

DJ & 3 singers with optional: Guitar, dancers, percussion, horn section, keyboards, bass, and strings.

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