Digital Speed Painting Spain

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Digital Speed Painting Spain
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Phenomenal digital speed painting will create digital art right in front of you

  • Digitally drawn story or sequence happens in real time

  • Possible to have audience participation

  • Previous clients include Sony, BT, Chesterfield, Carrefour, Samsung.. and more

  • Based in Barcelona and available to perform at events worldwide

Digital Speed Painting Spain videos

Digital Speed Painting Spain photos

Put away the paint brush as traditional painting is a thing of the past. The future is here and so is light painting. Our brilliant speed painter creates a digital speed painting right before your eyes. This digital art from is the latest technology entertainment that will amaze guests all over the world.

Digital art is reaching new heights and our talented speed artists has created a 10 minute or so light painting performance that can be tailored to many different event types. This digital speed painting show involves the creation of multiple images in front of a live audience. This latest technology entertainment uses high tech software behind a video screen enabling the speed painter to use special lights to create the effect of painting. Light painting features different colours, textures and virtual painting effects as well a mixing real images with drawn ones.

The light painting act can be customised to your specifics including imagery and branding of your choice making it exceptionally good for brand reveals or product launches. Our speed painter offers this digital art installation as an interactive performance with audience participation. As you can see in the first video for an event with Smart car, the equipment is set up so that guests can draw digitally on to the car itself.

Previous clients of the digital speed painting from our artists include Sony, BT, Chesterfield, Carrefour, Samsung, Smart Car and more.

To book this latest technology entertainment with digital speed painting for your event contact our team of specialists at Scarlett Entertainment.