Digital Audiovisual Theatre

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Digital Audiovisual Theatre
Reasons to book this live stage entertainment
  • Smart storytelling meets art and technology and can be fully customised to tell your own story

  • Bespoke audiovisual stage acts are created with digital sceneries and choreographies performed by actors

  • Having a performer interacting perfectly with a digital audiovisual scenery enables unforeseen opportunities of storytelling

  • Perfect live stage entertainment for after dinner experiences such as galas, award ceremonies, product launches, etc.

  • Digital Audiovisual Theatre is available for bookings in Austria and all over the world

Digital Audiovisual Theatre videos

Digital Audiovisual Theatre photos

Amaze audiences at your upcoming event or big celebration with a unique multimedia experience. Our team of digital event experts in Austria can help you create a memorable show with their Digital Audiovisual Theatre service.

Having a performer interacting perfectly with a digital audiovisual scenery enables unforeseen opportunities of storytelling. This multimedia stage show was originally conceived by our digital event experts when they created different multimedia pieces to present the nominees and their innovative products at the Fast Forward Award ceremony.

A total of 15 different audiovisual stage acts were created with digital sceneries and choreographies performed by actors. Designed to present and explain complex concepts, products and services, these dynamic audiovisual pieces are the perfect combination of digital animation and live performance.

An exciting and entertaining way to tell a story, this multimedia stage show turns any event into an unforgettable experience! You can see a few of the digital animations our digital event experts initially designed by watching the videos above.

Mainly focusing on different scientific fields such as space engineering or mining machinery, these different audiovisual acts also talk about other topics such as animal care or energy saving. Happy to customise these acts so they tell your own brand’s story, our experts can create something unique for our occasion.

A popular live stage entertainment option for after dinner experiences such as galas, award ceremonies and opening acts, this multimedia stage show is also perfect for exhibitions, brands and product launches or any other corporate event.

Top Tip:

Our digital event experts also offer other spectacles such as Light Painting Photo Show, 4D Sports Mapping Show, 3D Mapping on Giant Head and LED video mapping show.

Scarlett Entertainment offers a wide range of live stage entertainment options for events and occasions in Austria and all over the world.

Enquire about Digital Audiovisual Theatre by contacting us today. Our in-house team of Entertainment Specialists will be more than happy to answer all the questions you may have about our different audiovisual stage acts and guide you through the booking process.

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