Diamonds Forever

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Diamonds Forever
Reasons to book this Diamond Reception
  • Diamonds Forever delivers an entirely unique concept that transforms events, perfect for your corporate dinner or cocktail reception

  • Wow your crowd with real diamonds, delivering a sparkling experience, the ideal solution for your customised entertainment

  • Add luxury and glamour to your occasion, delivering a tailored event to leave a lasting impression on your guests

  • Which of your guests will have the REAL diamond at the bottom of their champagne glass? Sparkling stones will be inspected on-site

  • Our exclusive diamond reception is world renowned for showcasing this concept at some of the most prestigious events worldwide

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Treat your VIP guests to an unforgettable tailored event with a corporate dinner and bespoke diamond reception to leave a lasting impression. Diamonds Forever will deliver your party an entirely unique concept, the perfect solution to defining your customised entertainment. 

Our exclusive diamond reception is world renowned for showcasing a most original concept at some of the most prestigious events worldwide. Whether you’re planning a corporate event, venue launch, brand reveal or drinks reception, allow your guests to discover this unique showcase, intuitively designed to be the most talked about experience to hit the UK events circuit. 

What better way to entertain and appreciate your clients than by hosting an event that leaves them glowing with anticipation from start to finish! Wow your crowd with real diamonds, delivering a sparkling experience that stands apart, presenting the ideal solution for your customised entertainment. 

Upon arrival at your personalised event, guests will be greeted by our hostesses, each being presented with a glass of premium quality Champagne to mark the beginning of your exclusive Diamond Reception! At the bottom of every Champagne glass nestles a sparkling stone, with only one of the glasses containing a real full cut brilliant diamond or gemstone of your company choice, to the value of whatever your budget allows. 

Once guests have finished their glass of Champagne they are requested to visit our professional on-site diamond inspectors at their elegant diamond inspection tables, where each and every stone will be examined, offering your party a superb theatrical showcase to immerse themselves in. 

The winning glass will be announced during your corporate dinner, in line with your event schedule, where the lucky guest will be presented with the real diamond, along with a certificate and a luxury presentation case, all in true paparazzi style. 

Which of your guests will have the REAL diamond at the bottom of their Champagne glass? Our bespoke experience will be sure to have all guests in complete amazement, delivering a flurry of excitement throughout your venue space. Designed to add glamour to your occasion, we present Diamonds Forever as an original and ground breaking concept, bringing an element of class to your thematic event, whether you’re planning an exclusive party, charity gala or corporate event, the decadence of our diamond reception will be guaranteed to deliver an unforgettable experience to all! 

Practical Tips:

  • Premium Champagne for all guests
  • One real diamond or precious stone of choice at a value of whatever your budget allows
  • Professional on-site diamond inspectors 
  • Customisation available on request 

Contact us at Scarlett today to talk about booking Diamonds Forever for your corporate team day or personalised event.