Demon on Stilts

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Demon on Stilts
Reasons to book this Halloween themed character
  • Terrifying horned demon brings the best in costumes, props and make up to engulf your event into pure darkness

  • Available as a duo option, this spooky walkabout character can also be hired with ground characters such as she-devils

  • Especially scary in dark environments, this LED winged demon has great fun with those eager to be interactive

  • Perfect mix and mingle entertainment option for Halloween parties, themed events, parades, nightclubs, etc.

  • This Demon on Stilts is available for bookings in Italy and all over the world

Demon on Stilts videos

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Transform your upcoming party or themed event into a terrifying world with this creepy Demon on Stilts, a spooky walkabout character that will make heads turn wherever he goes. Prepare your guests to be repulsed, terrified and surprisingly delighted!

This creepy and lifelike LED winged demon knows how to interact with crowds and behave like the real devil he is. Especially scary in dark environments, this Halloween themed character’s spectacular LED wings cause a greater visual impact under dim light conditions.

Bringing the best in costumes and props to fully engulf any event into pure darkness, this Halloween themed character is guaranteed fill in any terrifyingly fun theme you come up with. An eye-catching mix and mingle entertainment option, this evil creature never goes unnoticed.

Offering a fantastic photo opportunity for Halloween enthusiasts, our horned demon will pose for pictures and interact with guests in a number of other ways. Available as a duo act, our demons on stilts can also be booked with ground characters such as LED she-devils and other ground characters.

Especially suitable for Halloween parties, this LED winged demon is also a popular mix and mingle entertainment option for themed events, nightclubs, parades, and festivals! Able to adapt to both indoor and outdoor spaces, this spooky walkabout character will have great fun with those eager to be interactive.

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Watch the video above and find out the variety of walkabout acts offered by our versatile stilt walkers.

Scarlett Entertainment offers a wide range of mix and mingle entertainment options for events and occasions in Italy and worldwide.

Book this Demon on Stilts by contacting us today. Our dedicated team of Entertainment Experts will be more than happy to answer all the questions you may have about this Halloween themed character and guide you through the booking process.