Delight Circus Parade

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Delight Circus Parade
Reasons to book this Circus Parade
  • Delight Circus Parade is a one of a kind family-friendly travelling circus parade

  • A unique roaming circus performance featuring seven characters including an LED drummer

  • Available in a variety of different line-ups and can feature on its own or in a wider parade

  • Jugglers, stilt walkers and bouncing stilt performers make this parade perfect for festivals, shopping malls and family-friendly events.

  • Based in Dubai and available to hire in the UAE, Europe and across the world.

Delight Circus Parade videos

Delight Circus Parade photos

Roll up, roll up, our Delight Circus Parade is a one of a kind family-friendly travelling circus extravaganza who perform at events globally!

A roaming circus performance featuring seven characters, this circus parade uses walkabout characters to create a real-life travelling carnival. Leading the Delight Circus Parade is a wacky ringmaster who pulls in crowds from afar with his eccentric personality and fantastic costume that is not complete without his top hat. Gold sequins which spread across our ring masters purple jacket match his equally flamboyant waistcoat that dazzles spectators. 
Fun on all levels our Delight Circus Parade caters for everybody at your event young and old. The design of both stilt walkers, on the ground dancers and circus performers, enables all attendees at your event to be apart of the action.  

Two fun-filled walkabout characters dressed as big top circus tents also travel in the Delight Circus Parade alongside toy soldiers who hula hoop with the travelling carnival. 

Also, drawing in audience members who follow this roaming circus is a pair of stilt walking clowns, one on bouncing stilts and another who juggles, poi spins and creates balloon models for passers-by. Any travelling Carnival would not be complete without a wacky clown, and ours will not disappoint. 

Available in many different line-ups this travelling circus can navigate audiences members to their new destination where they can perform a fantastic stage show if that's what your event needed. 

You can hire our Delight Circus Parade anywhere in the world. This travelling circus is perfect for festivals, shopping malls and family-friendly events. 

Scarlett entertainment offers a range of parades and productions which are ideal for a variety of family-friendly events across the globe.  

If you would like to hire our Roaming Circus Performance, please contact one of the Scarlett Entertainment team who would be happy to guide you through the booking process.