Daredevil Crossbow Act

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Daredevil Crossbow Act
Reasons to book this Daredevil crossbow act
  • A daredevil crossbow act that is guaranteed to leave every audience member on the edge of their seat

  • An experienced stuntman who has been attacked by sharks, burned, buried, hung from buildings, bitten by rattlesnakes and more death-defying acts

  • Watch this crossbow stunt unfold as our daredevil fires arrows at his glamorous assistant

  • A stunt show packed with danger is guaranteed to raise your guests heart rates and leave them astounded

  • Based in Las Vegas and available for worldwide bookings

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A stuntman and daredevil who has been described as a modern day superhero has created a death defying daredevil crossbow act that is guaranteed to have every audience member on the edge of their seat from start to finish. The ultimate stunt show to get your guests heart rates racing will astound and amaze audiences of all ages as our stuntman fires crossbow arrows at his glamorous assistants!

One of the most awe-inspiring stuntmen, this daredevil has been attacked by sharks, burned, buried, hung from buildings, bitten by rattle snakes, suspended from helicopters and many more death defying acts.  An expert escape artist, archer, marksman, knife thrower, free diver, stunt artist and strength performer – this daredevil crossbow act is of the highest calibre.

Having travelled the world with his exciting and daring acts our stuntman has appeared on television shows such as Jimmy Kimmel, Paul O’Grady and The Jonathan Ross Show as well as starring in a film about his death defying stunts and multiple Discovery Channel Documentaries.

A modern day Houdini, our crossbow stuntman is also a phenomenal escapologist as he has dodged run ins with drowning, being buried alive and being burnt at the stake. This daredevil is perfect for corporate events, private parties, showcases, commercials and TV programmes.

A daredevil crossbow act that showcases our stuntman shooting arrows at his glamorous assistants will astound and amaze every audience member.

To book this daring crossbow act contact our Entertainment Specialists or to see more from our stunt man visit our Water Tank Escapology and USA Daredevil pages.

TV Appearances
60 Minutes
BBC America
Channel 4
Jimmy Kimmel
Paul O’Grady Live
The Discovery Chanel
The Jonathan Ross Show