Dancing LED Robots USA

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USA Dancing LED Robots
Reasons to book this Walkabout LED Act
  • Dazzling LED dancing robots getting your guests into the groove with amazing dance moves

  • Visually captivating robots available with or without stilts

  • A wonderful photo opportunity and vibrant walkabout act

  • Perfect for live music events, night clubs, dance parties and futuristic themed occasions

  • Based in San Francisco and available for events all over America

Dancing LED Robots USA videos

Dancing LED Robots USA photos

No these are not invaders from another planet or beings from the future, these are our brilliant USA Dancing LED Robots. Bringing their futuristic dance moves to your events with illuminated robot costumes, they will become a fascinating walkabout act that transports your guests to another dimension. 

Our USA Dancing LED Robots come with fantastic futuristic themed costumes covered with a vast amount of colourful LED lights. This walkabout act even has an LED panel that can be customised to include text of your choice which is perfect for personalised messages or corporate slogans. They can also be booked as dancing LED robots on stilts for an even more captivating performance.

With body popping and groovy robotic dance moves, the LED dancers are ready to get the party started at any kind of event. Perfect for live music events, night clubs, dance parties and futuristic themed occasions, the USA Dancing LED Robots on stilts certainly stand out above the crowd. 

The LED dancers are a dazzling walkabout act that can bring a bit of fun to your party. They are best suited to night time events or where the lighting can be made dark as this makes their robotic costumes stand out.

To book the USA Dancing LED Robots get in touch with our team at Scarlett Entertainment.