Dancing Christmas Elves

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Dancing Christmas Elves
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Dancing elves walkabout your venue and interact with your guests

  • Festive characters teach people to dance to a Christmas soundtrack

  • Elves can also play musical instruments to provide their own soundtrack

  • Guests can’t resist joining in with high-energy elves

  • Bristol-based act available for bookings worldwide

Dancing Christmas Elves videos

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Book these adorable dancing elves for a Christmas act that really ramps up the festive fun. The dancing characters offer a walkabout show that is interactive and makes guests laugh, as well as teaching them some rather interesting Elf dance moves. 

The act has a soundtrack hidden inside one of the many Christmas presents the dancing elves carry around with them, providing a festive soundtrack to which they can perform their great, curly-footed stunts. Their green costumes, pigtails, monobrows and infectious yuletide energy rub off on all and sundry and cannot help but bring a smile to even Ebenezer Scrooge’s face.  

But, famously, elves don’t just dance but are top-notch musicians too. These are no exception, and they can bring instruments to provide their own dance soundtrack. Whether the elves are dancing around during a parade to the beat of their songs or have persuaded everyone at your party to join in, one thing’s certain: everybody will be having the time of their lives with these dancing characters.

The act is immensely popular with children but easily wins the hearts of adults and even adolescents too. They are perfect for a huge range of events and during the holiday season are an indispensable asset to any fair, parade or market. 

Consider booking their friends, the Plump Christmas Ballerinas, for a party like no other. Alternatively (or as well as), bring the characters of Narnia to your event on their magnificent chariot as a walkabout show. Bringing either the frivolity and silliness of the plump ballerinas or the stern austerity of the Snow Queen to your event - or both - will create a visual spectacle sure to win audiences of any age. 

To book this jocular Christmas act, contact our team of dedicated entertainment specialists today. 

"The feedback has been fabulous. You delighted all who watched your work. And, might I add how much I appreciated you mucking in in what must have been pretty basic, if not altogether trying, conditions."

Hamish, Pilton Festival

"Quirky, skilled, inventive and charming… guaranteed to make you chuckle."

Bristol Old Vic

"Great visual impact. Highly interactive physical comedy. They’re great for all ages; clever, funny, brilliant and altogether very entertaining."

Chris Johnson, Shambala Festival

"Spectacular and slightly unhinged."

The Guardian

"The best Christmas act we have seen."

The Pavilions Centre Birmingham

"Brilliant interaction with kids and grown-ups - and even hardened market traders! And you even upstaged Father Christmas, who’s used to being the centre of attention!"

Steve Hunt, Bristol City Council