Dancing Candy Floss Artist

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Dancing Candy Floss Artist
Reasons to book this Cotton Candy Artist
  • One of a kind candy floss artist who dancers to Michael Jackson music that pumps out of his cart

  • Hugely popular wherever he goes and becomes an unmissable attraction at all types of events

  • Has appeared on the likes of Germany and Italy's Got Talent, as well as being the subject of a viral video

  • Clients include Sony, Volkswagen, Sochi Olympics, Formula 1 and Atlantic Records

  • Internationally renowned, he is based Russia and available for events all over the world

Dancing Candy Floss Artist videos

Dancing Candy Floss Artist photos

Our internationally travelled Dancing Candy Floss Artist not only has the moves, but he blasts our the grooves and creates fun foods. Empowered by the sounds of Micahel Jackson blasting from underneath his candy floss cart, he makes a fun spectacle out of creating the sugary sweet treat and audiences love it.

With an in-built speaker system under his portable vending cart, our dancing cotton candy artist plays and dances to all his favourite songs by his idol, Michael Jackson. Also taking costume inspiration from the King of Pop, he pulls out all the stops with moonwalking and other classic dance moves. His skills involve making the cotton candy really thin so that he can twist and turn it as it comes out of the machine. Doing this he is able to step really far from the cart with the candy coming stretching from the machine to the stick. 

Our Dancing Candy Floss Artist is an international sensation who has attracted media attention all over the world. You can see the Stop Smoking video above that went viral on social networks, he has appeared on several TV shows and performed his act with celebrities such as Jason Derulo. 

The Dancing Candy Floss Artist has wowed audiences all over the world and even appeared on Germany and Italy's Got Talent. Some of his clients include Sony, Volkswagen, the Sochi Olympics, Formula 1 as well as Atlantic Records for whom he appeared in a music video. 

Offering his fun dancing act he can deliver a range of candy floss creations such as hearts and elephants as well as a choice of glamorous or laid-back costumes options. 

To book this one of a kind dancing cotton candy artist, contact us at Scarlett Entertainment today.