Cyborgs on Stilts

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Cyborgs on Stilts
Reasons to book this interactive walkabout act
  • Futuristic yet sweet sci-fi creatures on stilts fill your party with blue and pink colours. Original idea and design by Pablo Mendez Performances

  • Create a unique and immersive sci-fi universe for guests at your festival or event

  • Interactive cyborg stilt walkers can pose for photos, hand out samples of products, dance, play with soap bubbles, and more!

  • Popular nightclub entertainment option also suitable for festivals, themed events, street celebrations, concerts, etc.

  • These Cyborgs on Stilts are based in Spain and available for bookings worldwide

Cyborgs on Stilts photos

Fill your event or festival with intense blue and pink colours by booking these Cyborgs on Stilts, quirky  sci-fi creatures guaranteed to take your party to new heights! 

Immerse crowds in a sci-fi universe

Characterised by their futuristic yet sweet appearance, these sci-fi characters on stilts will instantly grab the attention of guests at your event. Perched atop high stilts, they’re extravagant costumes and hairstyle always make heads turn wherever they go. 

Transforming spaces into an immersive sci-fi universe, these flamboyant cyborg stilt walkers will provide a unique futuristic touch to your celebration. 

An interactive walkabout act for people of all ages!

Loved by both little ones and adults alike, these cyborg walkabout characters are the perfect meet and greet act for your event or party. Stationed at the entrance of your venue, they can welcome guests and give them a preview of what they can expect to find inside. 

A fully interactive walkabout act, these sci-fi creatures can also hand out samples of products, dance, pose for photos, play with soap bubbles, and many more! 

Well-suited for a diverse range of occasions, these sensational sci-fi characters on stilts are guaranteed to become the focal point at any event. A popular nightclub entertainment option, our walkabout cyborg characters are also perfect for festivals, concerts, street celebrations, themed events, and more!

Top Tip:

Available in different lienups, book our cyborgs as a solo or duo act. You can book up to four stilt walkers. 

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