Customised Dance Show

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Customised Dance Show
Reasons to book this ACT
  • A completely customisable dance show performed by a group of talented ballet dancers to fit with your theme

  • Modern ballet ensemble can create choreographies for your event and wear bespoke dance outfits

  • A perfect performance indoors and outdoors at weddings, festivals, theme parties and many more

  • Have experience performing at both small and large venues all across Europe

  • Based in Ukraine and available to perform at events worldwide

Customised Dance Show videos

Customised Dance Show photos

Take your event to the next level with this outstanding Customised Dance Show, a vibrant dance performance that can be adapted to your event’s requirements. Performed by a modern ballet ensemble, this dynamic act will bring the energy and good vibes that your upcoming big party needs! Our group of talented ballet dancers will wear bespoke dance outfits to fit your event’s theme and will create new choreographies and perform to requested songs if required.

Led by a uniquely talented choreographer, this modern ballet ensemble of six talented ballet dancers can create personalised shows for your upcoming big celebration. Their energy-filled choreographies, always full of emotion and dynamism, will always tell a short story that can be based on your event’s theme or any other situation or concept.

These qualified ballet dancers are specialised in Jazz but can also dance to the rhythms of swing, funk and any other type of music required. You can check the variety of music genres and some of the bespoke dance outfits they have worn at some of their performances by watching the videos above.

Is your themed party based on the 1940s? Are you looking for an original and different dance group to entertain guests at your wedding? Or are you a big Game of Thrones fan and would like your party to have an act based on your favourite TV show? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this Customised Dance Show is for you!

These talented ballet dancers have already brought their energy and bespoke performance to events all around Ukraine and across Europe. They have plenty of experience performing at small and large venues and are always happy to carry out their act either indoors and outdoors.

Don’t miss this opportunity to book an act that can be enjoyed by people of all sorts regardless of age by booking this amazing Customised Dance Show.

Get in touch with us today and make an enquiry about the different customization options this modern ballet ensemble can offer.

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