Custom 3D Immersive Environment

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Custom 3D Immersive Environment
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Immersive installations that combine art and technology to create high-impact, memorable experiences

  • Customised 3D projection team create a one-stop solution where everything is done in-house to improve efficiency

  • Ideal for brand launches, ceremonies, film premieres, corporate events and any occasion that desires high-end video mapping services

  • Past clients of our customisable installations include Audi, Tommy Hilfiger and Southwest Airlines

  • Based in Vancouver and available for bookings worldwide

Custom 3D Immersive Environment videos

Custom 3D Immersive Environment photos

Do you want a brand experience so unique and memorable that your audience shares it on social media instantly? Our team of video mapping experts specialize in creating fully customisable installations and 'You Gotta See This' moments – combining art and technology to create unique experiences. Our digital art specialists create customised 3D projections and immersive installations that will have audiences from all over talking about your brand or event. 

Our customisable installations team of specialists provide the technical execution and solution for Special Event Projection Mapping, Immersive Installations and Touchscreen Activations. With a decade’s worth of experience in producing compelling content–for both online and offline environments–that’s engaged audiences around the world. From concept to completion, our immersive installations team control the entire process to ensure the highest quality and not only that but our digital art team keep costs down by producing everything in-house. A turnkey solution with over 30 awards to their name, we’re confident you’ll be satisfied with the results and so will your audience.

From a marketing perspective it’s worth noting that one of the first things people do when they see a large scale projection mapped installation, is whip out their smartphone to film, photograph and post the experience on their social media feeds. Our customised 3D projection team's past projects have entertained and engaged attendees and created a lot of buzz.  

If you want a brand experience, product launch, corporate event, party or anything in between to be oozing with creativity, excitement and revolutionary digital art then our video mapping team is exactly what you need. A team who have created customisable installations for renowned brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, Southwest Airlines and Audi have a wealth of experience and knowledge that can guarantee a phenomenal video mapping display that will WOW audiences all over the globe.  

To book our customised 3D projection service or for more information about immersive installations and video mapping contact our knowledgeable Entertainment Specialists today. Additionally, you can see more work from our video mappers on our Custom 3D Video Mapping page.