Circus Entertainment,Cube & CYR Wheel
Reasons to book this Cube Act
  • Twisted manipulation and juggling of transforming geometrical shapes

  • They spin in a way that reflects light which makes them seem unreal

  • Creates a mind-bending visual illusion

  • Presented as part of Le Grande Cirque show on stage at the Palace Theatre

  • Based in Las Vegas and available to perform at events worldwide

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Introducing an act unlike any other - a twisted manipulation and juggling of transforming geometrical shapes (cube, pyramid, sphere and square) creating a mind-bending visual illusions. 

This unique act is based on the way we perceive and the way we interpret. It's all about what we see or what we think we see.  The motion of three different geometrical shapes through the air creates astonishing visual effects.

They spin in a way that reflects light which makes them seem unreal.  Years of continuous training, inventing and creating resulted in this act that combines sensational effects and precision handling of these unusual transforming props.  It is something that you have to see to believe!

The more different ways the shapes are lit the more amazing visual effects they form.  There is virtually no limit to how many surreal illusions this act can create! 

This act is the most technically advanced of its kind with number of different unique transforming shapes and technical innovations.  At the same time this act is extremely mobile and adaptable to almost any performing environment.

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