Cruising Pirate Walkabout

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Cruising Pirate Walkabout
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Our swashbuckling roaming pirates glide about on miniature galleons causing a unique spectacle!

  • With larger than life characters, this duo offer fantastic interactive entertainment

  • Perfect mix and mingle characters for themed events, street theatre, launches, openings, festivals, children’s parties and more

  • Concealed speakers provide a nautical themed soundscape as the ships sail through the crowd

  • Based in Yorkshire, UK, our Cruising Pirate Walkabout is available for international bookings

Cruising Pirate Walkabout videos

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Perfect for family events, our Cruising Pirate Walkabout offer fantastically entertaining interactive entertainment for a range of occasions, events and nautical themes. 

Dressed in authentically rugged costumes and kitted out with swords, maps, and telescopes, our swashbuckling roaming pirates have a keen sense of adventure! 

Searching for treasure among their crowds, our two salty buccaneers deliver hilarious interactive entertainment that will capture the imaginations of children and adults alike. 

Gliding majestically on their miniature galleon ships, our fierce yet friendly mix and mingle characters will cruise about guests as they explore your event. The secret to their effortless cruising lies in their self-balancing electric mono-wheels which allow them to zoom about riding on the crashing waves beneath their galleons as if by magic. 

Concealed speakers provide a nautical themed soundscape as our Cruising Pirate Walkabout sails through guests. 

Happily stopping to pose for pictures, get help navigating their maps, and indulging in a little friendly sword fight, our roaming pirates are fantastically fun mix and mingle characters. A wonderful photo opportunity, guests will delight in meeting these roaming pirates and trying to figure out their gracefully sailing ships. 

Full of pirate sayings and wisdom, this charming interactive entertainment is sure to sweep their audience away with tales of the high sea, swashbuckling adventures and search for bounty. Shiver me timbers!

Perfect for a whole host of events from surprise and delight pop-ups, children’s parties, nautical themed events, brand launches, festivals, street theatre and much, much more.  

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To book this sensational Cruising Pirate Walkabout act for hilarious interactive entertainment, get in touch with our team of entertainment experts.