Criminal Profiler Speaker

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Mentalist and Keynote Speaker
Reasons to book this Crime & Intelligence analyst
  • State of the art profiling keynotes about reading people, spotting lies, the science of persuasion or how to spot psychopaths

  • Combines the science of persuasion and business psychology fields of profiling, interrogation techniques, counterespionage and white-collar crime

  • Compelling keynote speeches and workshops expand your audience's skills and demonstrate how to handle business threats

  • Previous clients include DHL, Airbus Group, Volksbank, Microsoft, Continental, Bosch and more

  • Based in Hannover, Germany and available for events all over the world

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"Already the third appearance with us in the Microsoft Atrium Berlin. Very impressive, gladly again!"


"He has moderated more than 20 opportunities for Continental throughout Germany. The cooperation was uncomplicated and his moderation, sovereign, competent and compelling."


"His presentations are characterized by straightness, clarity, point of view and comprehensibility. He has the talent to reach audience. A moderator who gave our broadcast format!"