Creative Tapas Workshop

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Creative Tapas Workshop
Reasons to book this food workshop
  • Our exclusive hands-on tapas workshop allows your party to create delicious authentic dishes with ingredients local to the region

  • An ideal team building activity & fun group experience, perfect for a VIP group or team incentive day

  • Authentic tapas workshop allows groups to customise individual tapas, before sharing & enjoying over Sangria

  • Our customised workshop is adapted to everyone, allowing individuals to choose & prepare creative tapas to their taste

  • Learn about fresh seasonal produce, exploring unique flavours & ingredients of Spain, used in traditional tapas

Creative Tapas Workshop photos

Treat your guests to an authentic tapas workshop, a unique team building activity and fun group experience, perfect for a VIP incentive trip or corporate away day. Our exclusive tapas workshop includes the option of preparing your own creative tapas or learning how to master the art of traditional tapas. 

Delight your senses and learn how to master the art of creating tapas from different regions of Spain with our exclusive hands-on tapas workshop! Our customised workshops will allow your party to create delicious authentic dishes with ingredients local to the region. Your group will be taken on a culinary journey through Spain, learning how to make some of the best loved tapas. 

Aimed at those who are interested in learning the secrets of both traditional Spanish and creative tapas, our workshops offer a fun group experience for all, presenting an ideal team building activity, the perfect hands-on exercise for your corporate group event or company away day. 

Your team will prepare a variety of either traditional or creative tapas using only the finest local ingredients found in Barcelona’s open air markets. We offer our dynamic and participatory workshops as a rare and exciting opportunity to work under the instruction of a professional chef who will not only explain the geographical origin of each ingredient but also the benefits of flavours to each dish. 

A truly authentic tapas workshop that allows groups to customise individual tapas to their personal taste. We offer customisation of either sea food, meats or vegetarian tapas and will make sure that your party learn how to prepare the tapas that fit with specific dietary requirements, allergy or food intolerance. 

Our original workshops allow the unique opportunity for your VIP group to learn about fresh seasonal produce, exploring flavours and ingredients of Spain. After the preparation, there will be a chance to sit down, share and enjoy your team creations over a glass of Sangria!

We offer two options for your tapas workshop - choose between Traditional Tapas or Tapas Creation.

Practical tips 

  • Duration - 3.5 hours
  • Max persons - 50 (possible to increase depending on capacity of venue)
  • Customisation of workshop available on request
  • Opportunity to choose from a selection of tapas including sea food, meat or vegetarian
  • All freshly sourced ingredients provided
  • Professional kitchen/equipment and aprons provided 
  • Glass of Sangria to enjoy whilst sharing the creations 
  • Option to cater for special dietary preferences

Contact us at Scarlett today to talk about booking our Creative Tapas workshop for your corporate team day or personalised event.