Cotton Candy Food Artist

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Cotton Candy Food Artist
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Talented cotton candy artist can create beautiful cotton candy flowers!

  • The cotton candy can be spun in a range of different colors to suit your theme

  • A unique catering option that that will bring fun & whimsy to your event

  • A great choice for weddings, corporate events, festivals, family days & more

  • Book our cotton candy artist for events in New York & worldwide

Cotton Candy Food Artist videos

Cotton Candy Food Artist photos

If you’re stuck looking for unique catering options for a corporate events, public festival or even wedding catering services, look no further than our amazing cotton candy artist!

There is nothing boring or unadventurous about the way our amazing cotton candy artist creates beautiful cotton candy flowers out of delicate spun sugar. Using an ordinary cotton candy machine, shaping stick and wide range of colors our fantastic food artist sculpts incredible multi-layered flowers with each layer taking on a different color. These delicious cotton candy creations can reach gigantic proportions and really do look very impressive.

Our cotton candy sculptor can tailor their creations to reflect your event theme - incorporating specific colors or even creating custom flower designs.

A fun form of edible entertainment that is just as exciting to watch as it is to eat, book our cotton candy sculptor as event catering for your next function.