Cossack Dance Show

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Cossack Dance Show
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Cossack dancers who also specialize in Russian & Ukrainian dance

  • Vivid colours, audacious movement, catchy tunes & authentic costumes

  • Featuring Russian folk dance, gypsy dance & male sabre cossack dance

  • Perfect for corporate events, birthdays, weddings, christenings

  • Based in London & available to perform at events worldwide

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This act is a group of Cossack Dancers who also specialize in Russian and Ukrainian dance. Cossack dance is famous all over the world for its unrivalled energy and high spirits. Vivid colours, audacious movement, enthusiasm and joy, catchy tunes and authentic costumes will help to make any event where they appear, unforgettable.

Choose from an all- tight male acrobatic function, or a full group of male and female dancers. Lively Cossack songs, music and dancing handed down through generations in addition to authentic, hand-made national costumes make their performances very traditional in content, yet with a refreshing and modern twist. Their dancers are filled with contagious enthusiasm, which creates a thrilling atmosphere. They guarantee that at times you will find it hard to sit still!

Try Cossack Dance for your birthday, wedding, christening, or any other event that you would want to make memorable. This Show is also a great novel idea for corporate entertainment. Their performances burst with colour, vigour and delight, and will undoubtedly leave you and your guests cheering on for more. 

Russian Dance Kalinka
Traditional Russian folk dance performed in couples. The dazzling costumes and lively music will leave you and your guests with unforgettable memories.

Male Sabre Cossack Dance
Performed by males only, packed with stunts and acrobatics

Gypsy Dance
Performed by females only. Luring and energetic dance.

The wrestling of Nanaiskih boys
Comic dance about a wrestling match between two native Nanaiskih boys, which will leave you surprised at how the test of strength end.

Two singers with wonderful voices and vast experience performing at corporate events. They have a long list of songs to suite any event and any audience. They wear traditional Russian costumes to die for, and they have been members of the famous Russian Choir for many years. (Sing in English/Russian).