Corporate Gingerbread Food Art

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Corporate Gingerbread Food Art
Reasons to book this Food Art for Corporate Events
  • Unusual and novelty gingerbread-based food art for corporate events, promotions or product launches

  • All gingerbread sculptures and creations are made to the client specifics

  • All gingerbread sculptures and creations are made to the client specifics

  • Clients include Harvey Nichols, Harrods, Doisy & Dam, Fortnum & Mason, Channel 4, Swarovski, Facebook and ITV

  • Based on London, this food art is available for events and occasions all over the world

Corporate Gingerbread Food Art photos

If you are looking for unusual and novelty food art for corporate events, promotions, product launches or edible corporate gifts, our Corporate Gingerbread Food Art is a guaranteed way to make an impression and create the right buzz. Our custom gingerbread maker has been creating innovative, unique and totally mind-blowing gingerbread sculptures for almost a decade. 

Our professional custom gingerbread baker creates eye-catching food art for corporate events which has many different applications. This ranges from stunning gingerbread sculptures to small branded pieces, incredible table centrepieces and much more. The best thing about the Corporate Gingerbread Food Art is that is totally edible. Everyone is familiar with gingerbread houses, but when attendees for corporate events ee these wonderful gingerbread sculptures that are blown away by the skill and detail. 

Her Corporate Gingerbread Food Art has ranged from huge replicas of stately homes and palaces to branded miniature piñatas, themed gingerbread sculptures to small items used in promotional campaigns. The custom gingerbread maker works with lots of brands to make beautiful and delicious creations, which help them stand out whatever the occasion or event. Some clients have included Harvey Nichols, Harrods, Doisy & Dam, Fortnum & Mason, Channel 4, Swarovski, Facebook, ITV and more. 

Our Corporate Gingerbread Food Art is available are edible corporate gifts. This is a perfect opportunity to offer your guests something completely unique which they can eat there and then if they like, or take home. This personal touch ensures a closer bond with the guests and guarantees a longer lasting memory. 

Top Tip:
The gingerbread sculptures are available for weddings and the custom gingerbread baker provides interactive and team building workshops. 

Contact us to book the Corporate Gingerbread Food Art for your event or special occasion.