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Reasons to book this ACT
  • A spectacular interactive street parade production

  • Huge metal objects thunders through the streets

  • Includes Silver, futuristic metallic Characters

  • Performed at numerous renowned international festivals

  • Based in Holland & available to perform at events worldwide

Convoi videos

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A street theatre group who combine a multitude of different disciplines, create unique corporate entertainment and walk around characters that are guaranteed to astound audiences of all ages no matter what the occasion. Watch as this interactive festival entertainment fuses dance, music circus and incredible props that support our performers from great heights! 

With eye catching costumes these spectacular performances bring the magic of entertainment to life with mythical creatures and remarkable performances.

A highly interactive act that sees these magnificent mechanical performers diving from great heights towards the audience as they ride down the street in their huge moving metal objects that swing the performers up and down as they perform back bends in mid air. 

Our interactive festival entertainment and street theatre group are guaranteed to capture every single persons attention as they glide through the street and around your event interacting with guests and dancing through the air whilst wearing unique and eye catching costumes that spark the attention of every passer by!

Huge metal objects thunders through the streets. Silver, futuristic beings loom up from the mist. The metallic voices of these Characters are swept away by the drumbeats of percussionists.

High on top of a rolling object a character shines a beam of light over the audience, blinding and exposing them simultaneously. Dark forces pursue the Flying Object and so it moves on directly through the audience, through the past, through the present and into the future.  Forever searching its final destination...

A huge metal object also known as the Flying Object is the central focus of this spectacular parade.

To book this revolutionary and eye catching street theatre production or for more information, contact our Entertainment Specialists today.