Contortion Act NYC

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Contortion Act NYC
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Female contortionist that will capture the attention of audiences with ease

  • Circus performer with plenty of stage experience will highlight your special event

  • Fantastic contortion act that'll showcase an assortment of body bending routines.

  • Perfect contortionist for private parties, corporate events, themed occasions, etc.

  • Lovely circus entertainment available for booking across the USA and worldwide

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Treat your guests to a dazzling and stunning contortion act experience that is presented by our wonderful and talented female contortionist, a skilled contortionist with years of experience that is ready to take your special event or social gathering by storm, delivering a host of body bending routines that are bound to leave your guests speechless. Our fantastic circus performer brings the traditional circus entertainment styled performance to your special occasion in a rivioting and modern way that is sure to leave lasting impressions. Guests will love our contortionist and her visually pleasing performance.

Showcasing the amazing skills provided by our talented female contortionist and circus performer, our contortionist infuses her own technical skill set and performance experience to create a highly customizable contortion act that can be tailored to fit most themes and style guidelines. Our brand of circus entertainment will take your special event to the top, as our wonderful female contortionist explodes on stage with the help of a variety of different costumes and styles that are simply visually pleasing and beautiful. Performing reality bending manoeuvres that display our performer's amazing sense of strength and endurance.

Offering an assortment of different body bending routines that are created to captivate, our skilled female contortionist will fill any sized event with a carefree atmosphere that is bound to help your guests stay engaged and entertained alongside our wonderful contortionist. Providing a body bending "wow" factor experience, our dazzling performer truly knows how to work a crowd in her favour, and is the perfect contortion act experience for private parties, corporate functions, themed occasions, gala dinners, drink receptions, charity events, circus themed performances, and much more. 

If you are interested in booking our wonderful circus performers for your social gathering, contact any of our fantastic Scarlett Entertainment team members who will be more than happy to guide you through our booking process, as well as answer any questions you might have in regards to our contortion act.