Contemporary Grand Illusionist

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Contemporary Grand Illusionist
Reasons to book this magic stage show
  • Young magician performs darkly mysterious and dramatic grand illusions

  • Magic stage show is packed with daring stunts

  • Thrilling contemporary take on traditional grand illusions perfect for after dinner entertainment, corporate entertaining, family shows and more

  • Can also perform close up magic as a mix and mingle act for more intimate events

  • Based in Italy, our Contemporary Grand Illusionist is available for international bookings

Contemporary Grand Illusionist videos

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Tearing up the traditional illusion rulebook, our dark and mysterious young magician has developed a dramatic and action packed magic stage show. 

Guaranteed to stun audiences and leave them bewildered, his thrilling stunts and illusions are performed with theatrics and finesse resulting in a highly entertaining experience. 

With an air of darkness and gothic flair, our talented male illusionist combines fire, machinery, and metal poles into his incredible feats of escapism. With the help of his skilled female assistant, together the two pull off the unimaginable, disappearing and then reappearing as if from thin air. 

Watch as our young magician levitates his partner, frees himself from rotating serrated discs, swallows blades, and performs stunts with flaming torches before your very eyes. 

Appearing to drive poles and screws through her body, our female illusionist assistant is brought back to life and performs stunning contortion and acrobatic choreography across the stage. 

A spectacular light and smoke show provide out-of-this-world visual effects for a stunning show and slightly unnerving shadowy atmosphere. 

Inviting volunteers up to the stage, our male illusionist gives guests the opportunity to engage first hand in his grand illusions, offering the ultimate in audience participation.

Breathing new life into magic stage shows, our young magician and female illusionist offer a fresh and edgy alternative to grand illusions. 

Top Tip:

Our male illusionist can also perform close up magic for a fantastic mix and mingle illusion act either before or after his main stage show, or as a stand alone experience. 

Our Contemporary Grand Illusionist is just one of many fantastic magic stage shows we hold on our roster. Explore our additional magic and illusion performances guaranteed to thrill and amaze.

To book our professional male illusionist, get in touch with our team of dedicated entertainment experts who will be happy to help.