Comedy Stage Hypnosis Show

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Comedy Stage Hypnosis Show
Reasons to book this Hypnotist
  • Puts members of the audience into a deep sleep followed by humorous consequences

  • Australia's answer to UK megastar and mentalist, Derren Brown

  • Performed on national television several times inc Australia's Got Talent

  • Comedy hypnotism show has the audience in hysterics

  • Based in Sydney, Australia and available to perform at events worldwide

Comedy Stage Hypnosis Show videos

Comedy Stage Hypnosis Show photos

The hilarious Comedy Stage Hypnosis Show is performed by our Australian master TV mentalist, hypnotist and mind magician. The act is totally harmless and totally hilarious. 

This Comedy Stage Hypnosis Show runs for a duration of one hour, and will have your audience completely in stitches. You will be astounded by the various, mind-blowing methods of which the hypnotist puts his volunteers into a hypnotic trance and has them carry out a variety of stunts. Various tricks include inability to speak properly, missing numbers and involuntary movements. It is fascinating to watch and your guests will be glad that it isn't them up on the stage. 
Our TV hypnotist has been televised in several countries and is a master of the mind, headlining various show tours, some of the world’s largest fringe festivals, and the world's largest, and most luxurious cruise lines.
The video clips speak for themselves. if you want modern, clean hilarity, book our game changing hypnotist today. He is available internationally and guaranteed to wow your guests.

Top Tip:

This special act is also avialable as a TV Mentalist And Mind Magician.

Contact our team of Entertainment Coordinators to book the hypnotist for your next event. 

- Hugh Jackman

"This guy is FREAKING AMAZING, you have to see this!"
- Taylor Kitsch (Battleship, John Carter, MEN Origins: Wolverine)

"I heard he was good, but that is ridiculous!"
- Steven Strait (10,000 BC movie)

"Flawless! Jesse, we need this guy in our shows!"
- Adam Pedretti, "Killing Heidi"

"I have no idea how you do this.."
- Tim Webster, Newsreader

"You can't have just done what you did.."
- Tom Williams "Getaway"

"WHAT!? You're in my head!"
- Laura Csortan - Former Miss Universe Australia & TV host

"Which cruise do I have to book to see your show again, it was INCREDIBLE!"
- Ross Checkerly

"Best show ever!"
- Pete Dyer

"Unbelievable!!! Incredible!! Amazing! I still feel like my head will explode.....HOW????? Fantastic show!"
- Natalie Darville

"Absolutely amazing. What an incredible show. He blew us away. We came in sceptical and left fans."
- Paul De Gelder

"You were amazing! We had a fantastic night, Thank you!!"
- Amanda Ryan

"So entertaining... mind blowing... incredible and funny too!!! ;) Thanks so much for putting on a great show!"
- Katrina Spadone Garcia

"You Slid Our Minds last night.....ALOT.. Unbelievable performance you are the TRUE Mentalist.."
- Caleb Baron