Comedy Magician

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Comedy Magician
Reasons to book this Comedy Magic Show
  • Mixing comedy, magic and British charm for over 30 yrs into a must see show

  • Performs walk around close up magic and a comedy magic stage show

  • Recently he was seen on Penn and Teller's "Fool Us" on ITV to great success

  • Previous clients - Boston Red Sox, Virgin, Budweiser, WWF, Holland America

  • Based in the USA and available to perform at events worldwide

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This magician is one of the most sought after professional entertainers in the world.  He makes his home between Florida USA and Bath England, but performs magic all over the world.  He has been mixing his comedy, magic and British charm for over 30 years into a must see show.

If you need a magician for a corporate event, private party, wedding, or outdoor event; he can do it all.  Most famous for his cups and balls routine, he has turned a classic magic effect into a hilarious, magnificent, gut busting night out.  He has travelled the world performing for all different types of people and ages.  He has graced stages across Canada, USA, UK, Dubai, Portugal, Spain, New Zealand, Australia, and all over Europe.  Recently he was seen on Penn & Teller's "Fool Us" on ITV to a great success.

Close up Magic
Can offer two different types of close up magic shows.

Walk about Close up Magic:
This show is best for smaller groups of people. Usually best suited for receptions, cocktail type parties, weddings or any function where people are scattered about. The magician goes from group to group, table to table and performs intricate sleight of hand magic. Close up magic happens right under the spectators nose. With cards, coins, and virtually any object; watch as he turns nothing into something that your clients will never forget.

This style of walk about close up magic has become very popular at events. It is the perfect ice breaker which gets people talking, involved and it creates an atmosphere that will make your event a success.

Beat the Cheat:
This is a specially designed show that has been made for special events. Its a close up type magic show where people get to try and catch the magician in his own game. It packs small but plays well to small groups from three people to twenty. This show is about 15 minutes long, but as word spreads about Beating the Cheat at your event, people gather round the table again and the show repeats throughout the night. If you are having a private party, fundraiser, or corporate event....Beat the Cheat !

Comedy Magic Show
This highly interactive, visual, and hilarious show leaves people gasping for air as the laughs are even too much. It doesn’t matter what age you are, everyone will have a good time at this show.

This show can be played for an audience of twenty people to a thousand people. Watch as he makes things vanish into thin air, reads people’s mind in a hysterical manner, and performs some of the classics of magic that make them classics. Members of the audience participate with in finding cards, vanishing eggs, and try to figure out how the magic is done.  This unique blend of comedy and magic will leave the audience wanting more.

With over 30 years experience this show is guaranteed to be a hit at your party, cabaret, corporate event or stage show.

To book this comedy performer for your event contact our team of Entertainment Experts.

Corporate Gigs
Hotel Hospitz, Austria
Whitsand Bay Hotel, UK
Kempinski Hotel, Dubai
Westin Resort Hotel, Key West
Laughter Arts Foundation
Monday Night Magic
Club Highgate, London
Bakie’s Bar & Restaurant, USA
Northern Lights, Boston
JCB England
Colonial Spirits, Boston
Koa Camp Grounds of America
Fidelity Insurance
PIzzaria Uno
Virgin Airlines
Fleet Bank
Bank of Boston
Mac Trucks
Wild Club Boxing Club, USA
WWF California
Nikon Camera
Boston Red Sox

Schools & Universities
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Massachusetts Institute of Tek
Tufts University
Harvard University
Bristol Academy of Teachers

Cruise Ships
Princess Cruise Lines
Norwegian Cruise Lines
Cunard World Cruise QE2
Holland America
Carnival Cruise Lines
Oceans Village
Spirit of Adventure

Fool Us with Penn & Teller
Canadian Discovery Channel
People are Talking-Boston
Jameson Tonight UK, twice
Playboy Channel, twice
MTV Spring Break Key West
Toronto Tonight, Canada
Buskers for Love or Money/Documentary
Fox News
Clubs & Casinos
Fitzgerald Casino-Las Vegas
New York, NY - Las Vegas
Excalibur- Las Vegas
Circus Circus- Las Vegas
Tropicano- Las Vegas
Magic Castle, Hollywood CA
Epcot Centre, Disney World
City Walk Grand Opening, CA
Comedy Magic Club, Hermosa

Toronto Buskerfest, CA
Buskers on/t Boardwalk, CA
Intermagia, Spain
Edinburgh Fringe Fest
Big Cheese Fest, Wales
Sidmouth Folk Fest, UK
Encontros Magicos , Coimbra
Lisbon Street Magic, Portugal
Edmonton Fringe, Canada
Dundas Buskerfest, Canada
Killarney Street Arts, Ireland
Festival of Fools, Burlington
Vancouver Comedy Fest, CA
Art Deco Fest, Miami
Coconut Grove, Florida
Summerfest, Milwaukee USA
Just for Laughs, Canada
Covent Garden Comedy, UK

"In all art and performance its the singer not the song and you are the best singer we have ever seen."

Penn of Penn & Teller

"An incredible performer and a great influence on modern magic."

David Blaine

"That was the best I’ve ever seen. Awesome."

Jonathan Ross

"Great magic and personality plus!"

Tom Hayes, Fuji Film

"Uproariously entertaining- a very clever magician."

Charlie Hertzfield, Technicolor NYC

"Hilariously funny, Highly entertaining..a definite crowd pleaser."

Paul Barclay, Owner of The Rack, Boston

"A very clever magician who is hysterically funny as well."

Bill Downs, Comedy Connection, Boston

"In my opinion, he is one of the best entertainers in the world. He makes you laugh at him and at yourself and you love him for it. He’s earthy and yet almost regal. He’s sassy and gracious, impudent and courteous. He makes everybody in a room, whether they’re kids, kings, farmers, dowagers or captains of industry, into one raucous, uproarious family. His magic seems so effortless, it’s hard to realise how masterful it is, mostly because you’re having such a good time. When you see the show you feel like you’re watching a showbiz legend."

Teller of Penn & Teller