Comedy Circus Variety Show

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Comedy Circus Variety Show
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Giant balloon artist performs a bewildering act that'll captivate guests of all ages.

  • Sensational balance performer will perform a synchronised routine of hand to hand balance.

  • Dazzling circus act that'll keep guests entertained and engaged for hours.

  • Sensational variety circus show ideal for gala dinners, corporate functions, family days, and more.

  • Wonderful engaging entertainment available for booking throughout France and worldwide.

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Are you searching for a fun and skilled circus act that will keep your guests entertained and engaged? Look no further than our amazing and sensational variety circus show! Filled with different acts and performers, our engaging entertainment experience is exactly what you want for your upcoming special event or social gathering. Our skilled giant balloon artist, balance performer, and daring acrobat clowns are bound to be a hit with your guests as they stay at the edge of their seats. A fun and whimsical experience that is sure to bring your event a fun filled "wow" factor experience and lasting memories.

Combining a variety of different circus techniques, our wonderful variety circus show is a one of a kind, engaging entertainment experience that will take your event by storm. The focus and passion for their respected acts will have our acrobats, giant balloon artist, and balance performer becoming instant audience favourites. A daring and unique circus act that can be tailored to fit most event themes and styles, a wonderful experience your guests will not soon forget. An exciting and intricate variety circus show that has an act that everyone will love from start to finish.  

Big Balloon Act:
An experience filled with comedic gold, as our wonderful entertainer brings a giant balloon to your event! The surprising sidekick of our giant balloon artist will create for a visually stunning sight, as our wonderful performer performs a hilarious act that showcases the balloon being used in a variety of different scenarios that will surely have your audience in a fit of laughter!

Comedy Cradle Acrobatic Act:
A hilarious and comedic acrobatic performance that will see our bumbling clown like performers creating a fun filled atmosphere before captivating guests with their air punching acrobatic feats of strength, endurance, and complete dedication! An edge of your seat performance that will keep your guests wide eyed as they watch our wonderful acrobats swing through the air. A light hearted experience that is filled with surprises and jokes.

Hand To Hand Balance Act:
Our beautiful balance performer will keep guests fascinated as she performs an elegant and sensational balance act that will continue to keep guests at the edge of their seats. Your guests will fall head over heels for our dazzling balance performer as she performs with complete dedication and exact precision to detail. A fluid and fast paced visual performance that will keep your audience smiling.

A wonderful variety circus show experience that has entertained guests around the world! Our skilled circus performers will create a compelling and wonderful performance that will leave your guests talking for months, the ideal engaging entertainment experience for corporate events, gala dinners, theatre performances, family days, and a lot more.   
If you're interested in booking our exciting variety circus show for your upcoming special occasion, contact any of our in house entertainment experts here at Scarlett Entertainment and begin the booking process to ensure you lock in your entertainment option.