CO2 Cannon LED Robot Spain

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CO2 Cannon LED Robot Spain
Reasons to book this LED Robot Stilt Walker
  • Magnificent stilt walking LED robot with a CO2 cannon

  • Will roam around your event, dance and jump around on his bouncing stilts

  • Ideal for futuristic themed events, live gigs, festivals and much more

  • Perfect atmosphere creating act that is also a real crowd pleaser

  • Based in Madrid and available for events all over the world

CO2 Cannon LED Robot Spain videos

CO2 Cannon LED Robot Spain photos

Our stunning friendly giant CO2 Cannon LED Robot Spain will blow your guests away with his sporadic blasts of CO2 and energetic interactive roaming around. The fantastic costume makes this LED robot stilt walker seem like a futuristic law enforcement office, however, the only thing he wants to enforce is a good time.

This amazing looking LED robot has a state of the art sci-fi costume with hundreds of colourful LED lights built-in. The suit is operated through a battery pack meaning he has total freedom to wander around your event. He comes on bouncing stilts that give him extra flexibility and manoeuvrability. This dominating LED robot stilt walker is able to walk at pace and jump around creating a real buzz at any kind of party or themed occasion. 

Our CO2 Cannon LED Robot Spain is not only a visually captivating walkabout LED robot stilt walker but also comes with a real crowd pleasing prop. Book this mesmerising LED robot to blast the crowds with his CO2 cannon. This gives the same atmosphere as a smoke machine but with more impact. There is also an option to choose a confetti cannon instead, as seen in the video above. 

In between blasts of CO2, or if you choose not to have the CO2 cannon, the walkabout LED robot is a highly interactive act that will fully get involved with your guests, throw some shapes on the dancefloor and pose for photos. 

If you would like to book CO2 Cannon LED Robot Spain for your event, please contact our team of specialists at Scarlett Entertainment.