Comedy Magician Alan

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Comedy Magician Alan
Reasons to book this magic show
  • Performs stand up comedy show with mind reading and magical illusions

  • Our funny magician has appeared on ITV's hit Saturday night show Penn and Teller

  • Celebrity magician performs at The Magic Castle, Hollywood

  • Previous clients of this magic show include Manchester United, BMW, Wrigley's, BBC, Yahoo, Halifax, HBOS

  • Based in London, stand-up magician is available to perform at events worldwide

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One of the top funny magicians in the UK, our stand-up magician provides a world-class magic show for a whole range of events from corporate events, VIP parties, after dinner shows, private performances and more. 

Also available as a magical host for awards ceremonies, our celebrity magician has performed for many A-list celebrities. Alan has also helped several magicians for appearances for TV and live work, as well as consulting for theatre, corporate and special occasions using his magical knowledge, stand-up expertise and a big bag of tricks!

Not only is Alan one of the UK's most incredibly entertaining magicians for hire, he also performs his very funny stand up comedy cabaret show with mind reading and magical illusions. Using members of the audience for audience participation, Alan performs comedy club style tricks for everyone to enjoy at the same time.

The illusions performed are visual, interactive, funny and stunning to watch. Modern conjuring with volunteers possessions such as making their rings disappear and re-appear on a key chain, making £20 notes visually appear from nowhere, asking guests to sign a playing card and producing it in a sealed envelope (in a zipped up wallet!) or a mobile phone, taking a wine or beer bottle and pushing it through a table, make a full deck of cards turn to glass in someone’s hands and much more.

Also performed are a couple of impressive mind-reading feats to really mess with their brains! Personal objects take on a life of their own, they vanish and appear in all sorts of impossible places. Making cutlery melt like butter (Uri Gellar style), cool card tricks and crafty mind reading. And unlike many table magicians, he is entertaining and engaging.

Discover more of the fantastic stand-up magicians and magic stage shows on our extensive roster.

To book this magician, contact our team at Scarlett Entertainment. 

BNI Northwest
Big Fish PR + Design
British Dental Trade Association
Clarks International
Cohn + Wolfe
Company Pictures
David Lloyd Leisure
Edinburgh Festival
Ernst + Young
Europa Crown
Galway Arts Festival
Halifax PLC
JDA Group Ltd
Kingston Publishing Services
Kroll Ltd
Magic Castle - Hollywood - California
Manchester United
Merrill Lynch
Miller Technology Ltd
Mint Leaf Restaurant
Mission Advertising
Music Factory Entertainment
Nabarro Nathanson
Nestle Rowntree
P + O's Aurora
Reckitts Benckiser
Royal Bank of Scotland
Singapore Arts Festival
TSL - Times Education
Teekay Shipping
Texel Finance Ltd
Touchpaper Software
Virgin Mobile
Willmott Dixon Construction
Wolff Olins
Wolstenholme International Limited

...and many more

"Alan is an astounding magician, comic and mind reader" 
Three Weeks ****

"We loved your act!" 
Penn & Teller, possibly the best magicians on Earth

"Oh my god! How did you do that? I just don't understand!.... You are a bit too good" 
Comedienne and Actress - Catherine Tate

"Very funny" 
Worlds Fair - industry newspaper

Abracadabra - magician weekly magazine 

"the thimble-fingered finale is a joy to behold" 
The List 

"Certainly has us bamboozled with his sleight of hand and powers of suggestion.... Hudson performs each set piece with Alan" 
Metro ***

"Just wanted to drop you a short note to say a massive thank you for helping to make our recent Sales Event truly memorable. Magic can so often be a bit cheesy (in my humble opinion) but you managed to provide funny and intriguing tricks that everyone was amazed at. The mind-reading act was particularly good and had the whole audience stunned" 
David Tinker - HBOS Plc 

"Thank you for making our evening even more perfect" 
Dexion Storage

"I worked on a show with Alan recently and I enjoyed his act - funny and at the same time, baffling. My kind of magic."
Paul Daniels - THE GUV'NOR!