Close Up Bubble Magician

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Close Up Bubble Magician
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Mind-blowing bubble tricks performed by a talented close up magician and bubbleologist

  • A dynamic and fully interactive show that requires audience’s participation

  • Magician walks around a venue interacting with people and teaching them the basics of the science behind bubbles

  • Ideal interactive entertainment option for gala dinners, exhibitions, festivals, private parties, and more

  • This talented bubble performer is based in Paris and can perform at events worldwide

Close Up Bubble Magician videos

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Are you looking for an interactive entertainment option to impress guests at your upcoming party, gala dinner or special occasion? Then look no further! This extraordinary Close Up Bubble Magician will dazzle people with his mind-blowing bubble tricks and his charming personality.

This roaming bubble magician can wander around your venue interacting with people and amazing them with his talent. He can carry out mind-blowing bubble tricks such as bubbles inside bubbles or objects inside bubbles. This talented bubble performer can also create smoke bubbles and giant bubbles with the help of tools like wands, glasses and straws.

His professional manner and engaging personality make it easy for him to connect with people regardless of age. Loved by children and adults alike, his impressive bubble performance will leave audiences wide-eyed and get them talking for years to come.

Our Close Up Bubble Magician can move from table to table during a dinner, party or exhibition asking people to help him perform some of his mind-blowing bubble tricks. Our talented bubble performer can create bubbles of every size, shape and colour that float and glide in the air and seem difficult to pop.

This impressive bubble performance will create a dreamlike atmosphere. This visually stunning and vibrant bubble show is guaranteed to put a big smile on your guests’ faces and leave them with unforgettable memories.

Don’t miss the opportunity to make of your event an exceptional and unforgettable occasion by booking this fantastic Close Up Bubble Magician. Keep your guests entertained and mesmerised and surprise them with a bubble show really unique and dynamic.

Scarlett Entertainment offers a wide selection of bubble performers for events and parties all around the world.

To book this fantastic Close Up Bubble Magician, contact us today and ask to speak to one of our entertainment coordinators. Our experts will answer all your questions and give you further details on this act.