Cirque Show

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Cirque Show
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Unforgettable artistic entertainment combined with dance and singing

  • Creates illusions that transports the viewer into a different world

  • Fantastic costumes and a huge variety of show performances

  • Previous clients include Gillette, Audi, Mercedes Benz, Vodafone...

  • Based in Munich and available to perform at events worldwide

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The Cirque Show is a mix of artistic entertainment combined with dance and singing.  It includes a wonderful, dreamlike mosaic that despite or even because of its various acts unfolds to a harmonic whole.

Famous melodies alternate with hard rhythms, emotional moments and strong sounds. Not only do the sounds create images for the audience, also the lighting has a strong impact. All the other performances that are experienced are unique – body control, elegance and effortlessness.

It is a potpourri of crowning achievement where the aerial and vertical acrobats are repeatedly being applauded by the crowd.  The intensity and changes in between the performances are fast and the costumes of the artists, dancers and singers are captivating. The show is planned very precisely and is a created illusion that transports the viewer into a different world. The audience will be fascinated by this circus like atmosphere that has so much to offer and is so full of surprises.

Depending on the length of the show, they can provide over 15 internationally known performers and will be sure to create an unforgettable night.

Gillette Fusion Product Launch for Procter & Gamble in Ukraine and Russia
Rockefeller Centre Vertical Fashion Show for Target, USA
Dubai International Finance Centre for its 2nd Anniversary
Were part of the Peninsula Hotel Opening just recently in Shanghai
Product Launches for Car Manufacturers such as:
Q5 for Audi in Germany
X6 and X5 for BMW in Germany
Buick for General Motors in China
Mercedes Benz in Spain
Telecommunication Companies Events such as O2 Ireland, Vodafone Turkey, Zain Bahrain
And many more...