Circus Street Theatre

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Circus Street Theatre
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Outdoor circus show based on Shakespeare’s acclaimed play ‘The Tempest’

  • Different circus performers involved including skilled stilt dancers, experienced fire performers and more

  • Show involves astonishing pyrotechnics and other special effects

  • Ideal for street celebrations, theatre festivals and any other type of outdoor event

  • Book this Circus Street Theatre for performances in Italy and Europe

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Skilled stilt dancers, experienced fire performers, phenomenal aerialists… All these talented circus performers join forces to create this awe-inspiring Circus Street Theatre that is guaranteed to leave audiences astonished. This group of artists brings the best of each discipline with this outdoor circus show, the perfect combination of theatre, acrobatics and pyrotechniques.

Based on the critically acclaimed ‘The Tempest’ by Shakespeare, this street play will draw spectators into a fanciful, dreamlike world. In contrast with classic theatre, this outdoor circus show will surprise audiences when they least expect it. Our Circus Street Theatre transport viewers to an island when characters experiment a continuous metamorphosis and everything happen between dream and reality.

Designed to make audiences’ imagination wander, this outdoor circus show has all the essential ingredients to make of your upcoming big street celebration a complete success. Skilled stilt dancers will perform a moving scene, experienced fire performers will delight the eye of viewers with and various aerialists will leave spectators eyed-wide with their breathtaking performances.

Especially loved by children, circus lovers and theatre enthusiasts, our Circus Street Theatre is sure to be enjoyed by a wide variety of audiences because it involves elements any type of spectator loves. Kids will love the luminosity and acrobatics, and adults will enjoy seeing some of the most famous plays in history being performed in a different and original way.

An outdoor circus show full of specatularity and astonishing pyrotechnics, this act is the perfect entertainment circus experience for your street celebration, your theatre festival or any other type of outdoor events.

Impress spectators at your upcoming big event with our skilled stilt dancers, experienced fire performers and phenomenal aerialists. All these talented circus performers will provide an outdoor circus show that will leave lasting memories on everyone watching.

Contact our in-house team of entertainment specialists today and make your enquiry about this Circus Street Theatre. 

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