Circus Performer San diego

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Circus Performer San diego
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Circus Entertainer who can perform as a comedy juggler & stilt walker

  • Can juggle with fire, knives, LED balls, rings and clubs

  • Full of energy and has a magnetic personality that draws attention

  • Performed in 10 countries for international audiences upwards of 15,000

  • Based in San Diego and available to perform at events worldwide

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This San Diego based circus performer Nathaniel began juggling in 2006. He has been influenced by jugglers Micah Cote, Roberto Bringas, Milan Bihlman, and Derrick Gilday as well as various juggling groups. Since then, he has peddled over 28,000 miles and performed in ten countries and thirty states, for international audiences upwards of 15,000!

His Juggling Skills include:
LED Balls

His other fantastic talents include: stilt walking and jumping stilts with 3 foot pegs and power riser jumping stilts, Chinese pole and fire juggling/spinning. Additionally, he has trained in acrobatics and his "day job" is performing street shows around San Diego. He can usually be seen at the fountain on El Prado in Balboa park, where he can be found teaching juggling and performing. He also works with San Diego performance art troupes: Dragon Knights, Mango and Dango, Nomad Artz, Animal Cracker Conspiracy and Circus Mafia.