Circus Artist: Alice

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Circus Artist: Alice
Reasons to book this ACT
  • Circus artist specialising in trick cycling, slack rope and aerial bike

  • Mixes movement & theatre with skills to create a fresh circus performance

  • Aerial trick bike is perfect alternative aerial routine

  • Can provide cycle-about performance, mingling with the crowd in character

  • Based in London & available to perform at events worldwide

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Alice is a circus artist specialised in trick cycling, slack rope and aerial bike. She mixes movement and theatre with her skills to create an original and fresh contemporary circus performance. Alice has been collaborating with many circus companies, devising solo, duo and collective acts and performing in venues around Europe.

Alice graduated in 2010 from a degree in circus arts at the Circus Space. Her work is strongly influenced by literature, visual arts and cinema. She often inspired her characters by historical persons or from literature. She is interested in creating very dark and dramatic pieces that play with emotions and have a very strong and cinematic aesthetic.

Trick Cycling =
Alice has been practising the art of trick cycling for 5 years within her 2 professional circus courses.  She is a versatile artist and is used to performing in all kinds of spaces in a variety of different ways.

Alice can provide high quality cycle-about for all kind of events including carnivals, cycling events, parades, festivals and much more.  As an original alternative to ordinary walkabouts, she is bringing cycling to its natural environment, using the bike in a fresh and stylish way.

Aerial Bike =
Aerial bike is a unique act combining trick bike and aerial discipline to create an original fusion that has been described as "poetry in motion".

With this unforgettable act, Alice takes the audience on a magical journey outside of their daily routine.

A perfect alternative aerial routine.

Slack Rope =
Less known than tight wire walking, slack rope requires a fine and subtle balance and a vast amount of concentration to control the movement of the rope.

Alice has been training to perfect her skills in slack rope at Circus Space for the past three years.

In performance, she gracefully explores the possibilities of the rope, controlling it with elegance and skill. She displays a highly entertaining act, using both balance and dance on the swinging rope.

Watch This Space Festival, National Theatre, London
Design Museum, London
International Circus Festival, Rio de Janeiro
Festival "La semaine de Cirque", Montpellier, France
Teatro Circo Price, Madrid
Jacksons Lane Theatre, London
Les Aquascènies, Aix-les-bains, France
The Albany Theatre, London
Festival "La piste aux Espoirs", Tournai, Belgium
SIRF Festival, Stockton, UK
Stratford Circus, London
Ateneu Popular de 9 Barris, Barcelona
The Roundhouse, London
Osborne & What
Bicycle Ballet
Sauce & Spit
Circus Space
Circus Suburbia

"Thoughtful and beautiful"

Joyce Henderson

"Alice is already an expert trick cyclist. Stands out from the rest"

Liz Arratoon, The Stage

"There's something incredibly satisfying about specialists -- people who really go deep with their discipline, using it as a tool for making and a lens for seeing. Through trick cycle Alice searches for a language that's rich and allusive and mysterious, and it's fascinating to watch her use the bike -- as in her piece about famous (alleged) murderess Elizabeth Báthory -- to shape and interpret literature and myth. I'll always be interested in her work."

John Ellingsworth, Sideshow Magazine

"Your piece was so inspiring - both poetically and skilfully! It was by far the absolute highlight of the day."

Tom Horak, audience member

"Her performance was breathtaking and everyone from professional riders to BMXers and the many journalists present came and told me that her performance was the highlight of the evening. Alice stole the show."

Alice Marsh, event curator Bike V Design, Design Museum