Circus Acrobat Aerialist

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Circus Acrobat Aerialist
Reasons to book this acrobat
  • A multi-disciplinary circus performer who performs jaw dropping routines that astound all audiences

  • Our circus acrobat aerialist can create bespoke routines and concepts to complement your event effortlessly

  • Winner of the UK Aerial Championships, Pole Art France, Pole Art Spain, and Capital Fitness Brasillia

  • Available as a hoop aerialist, silk aerialist, pole dancer, champagne aerialist and contortionist/hand balancer

  • Based in London and available for worldwide bookings

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A highly skilled circus acrobat aerialist who stuns audiences with her phenomenal talent for all things circus, performing routines in aerial pole, aerial hoop, aerial silk and rhythmic gymnastics, this outstanding performer combines phenomenal feats of flexibility, strength and grace.

Taking 1st place in the 'Capital Federal Fitness Pole Competition' as well as 1st place in 'UK Aerial Performance' and 1st place in 'Pole Art France Semi Pro' this high end performer presents stunning showcases that are a delight to watch. Perfect for corporate events, private parties, cocktail hours, gala dinners and high-end events, watch as your guests are left completely mesmerised by her gorgeous performances. 

With over seven years of experience in the entertainment industry our multi-disciplined acrobat provides high quality high energy circus acts and jaw dropping performances that bring something new to every event. 

Book our phenomenal acrobat and aerialist for the following:

  • Aerial Hoop -  A breathtaking aerial hoop act that includes jaw dropping feats of flexibility, grace, strength and dizzying spins. This act won the UK Aerial Performance Championships, our aerialist has performed all over the world and has carried out her routines from cranes and skyscrapers for a truly high octane show. 
  • Aerial Silks – A gorgeous act that is perfect for high ceiling venues, this showcase introduces an epic and adrenaline filled spark to every event. Including graceful contortion and flexibility as well as high impact drops this act is available with a number of different coloured silks and costumes to suit the concept of your event. 
  • Pole Dance – Performing with a graceful, acrobatic and balletic style, this act will make you view pole dance in a new and artistic light. An act that comes with a standalone pole, our pole dancer has won a number of international competitions with this superb show. 
  • Aerial Champagne – Serve your guests from above with this sparking champagne aerialist act. Available on aerial hammocks and aerial hoops and can be decorated and customised accordingly. 
  • Contortion and Hand Balance – Stun guests with this walkabout hand balance and contortion act as our performer bends and twists her body into impossible positions with her spectacular flexibility. Perfect for cabarets, themed events, circus shows and private parties. Podiums can also be supplied and costumes can be adapted to suit themes. 

Boasting a fully customisable performance that can be tailored to your event, our outstanding aerialist and acrobat has themed acts and costumes for winter wonderlands, 1920s cabaret, Alice in Wonderland, Bridal, Ethereal, French Can Can, Brazilian Carnival, Floral, Futuristic and more.

To book our diverse Circus Acrobat Aerialist contact our Entertainment Specialists today.

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"Her pole dancing made the official photographer audibly gasp!"

The Velvet Box Office

"Amazing athletic abilities and acrobatics"

The Daily Mail

"A captivating combination of aerial stunts with powerful grace and unwavering intensity "

Miro Mag

"The aerial and pole dances are just stunning to watch and oh my god they are good! The grace is hard to overstate, you just watch in open-mouthed wonderment"

Theatre Box

"She does some absolutely remarkable pole dancing. She's so supple and strong, it's quite spellbinding"

London Theatre